Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Cereal Killer


Dear Mr. Burzum,

Since the time of scary things and Monster Cereal is upon us, blogs like Dinosaur Dracula have been debating the best of the Monster Cereals..  So, which do you like better, Varg?

Count Chocula?  Booberry?  Frankenberry?

Cereal Killer in Cincinnati



Dear Cereal Killer,

While I cannot fault you for enjoying the sugary diabetes inducing breakfast cereals of Halloween, you must know that the grimmest of all cereals is Corn Flakes.

Kind Regards,

Varg Vikernes





Be sure to E-mail Varg with all your food dilemmas and love advice queries and you may see them featured in a future issue of Sexual Sundays.

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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