Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Corey Feldman – “Go 4 It”

Oh hello there my angel friends.  How’s it going for you on this Trash/Thrash Tuesday?

Have things gotten weird for you this week?  Still picking up the pieces of yourself after this past weekend’s fuckery?  Did you get lost in the woods during a showing of Blair Witch?  No?

Well, for many people, Friday September 16, 2016 was the day the 2016 totally unnecessary rehash of Blair Witch came out, and it is also the day in which the world became reacquainted with Corey Feldman, former 1980s heartthrob and child star.

We all remember him as a frog brother from Lost Boys.

We all remember Corey.

What we may not so easily remember is his transformation into the leader of a group of super babes called Corey’s Angels.  And we may additionally not remember that he is now a singer.  Feldman previously crowdfunded for his new album Angelic 2 The Core and this album is what his now infamous performance on the Today Show was based on.

Corey and his band of Angels performed his new single “Go 4 It” on the Today show and shortly afterward, the internet went fucking banana balls crazy with everyone everywhere seemingly having an opinion about the piece and most of that opinion being negative.

Now – I’m not here to try to convince you readers one way or another about the performance.  I personally feel that the song sounds almost exactly like most of the other pre packaged pop music that you can find on the radio, so it didn’t offend me much more than turning on the local popular music station.

I think what Corey ended up getting hit with was the general confusion about the angels in their vaguely porn star discount bin Halloween costumes, while Corey is dressed like he went shopping in my gothed out closet (which is muy caliente btw – I would bang that dude like a goddamn gong), which is neither here nor there or anywhere..  but I think the complicated visuals and intense dancing coupled with the “????????” factor of the EDM/rap influenced pop song just made for fuckery all around and the internet being the internet, this triggered the trigger babies on twitter and everyone went crazy.

It’s points like these where someone like Corey needs to have a bit of an agent in order to say hey dude…  the song is great but you don’t need costumes, dancing and a whole circus act to go with it…  unless that’s your game..  like Ghost, but that’s a very specific type of music.  And I mean, if you wanna do the travelling circus freakshow then yeah do that shit.  Go BIG.

I’m going to include the two versions of the video – the first being the performance on the Today show and the second being the official video.  Following the performance which essentially bombed..  the internet, specifically Twitter went absolutely crazy talking about the performance and wondering specifically what the fuck Corey Feldman was on.

Unironically surprised by the poor reaction to the performance, Feldman spoke out against his critics is a now deleted Facebook Live video in which he ended up crying because of the “online bullying” that was happening against his music.

Now.  This is where I disagree with Feldman.  It’s not online bullying for people to say they didn’t like something you did.  It’s just a fact of life that if you put yourself out into the world then you also put yourself up for criticism and this may suck ass, but it’s kind of just how the world works.  The part of free speech being free means that you are free to do and say whatever you like and I’m free to turn around and say you’re a prickjob for doing and saying what you do, and you’re free to disagree.  I find that this narrative tends to get ignored in a lot of claims of bullying and the like, and as has been stated before in critics of Feldman – trivializes the whole idea of bullying.

In my opinion at least, bullying is being harmed and tortured simply for existing, not for creating art.  It’s the same thing in terms of creating anything or writing anything, or saying whatever..  critics exist everywhere and everyone is a critic..  this is true, but it doesn’t mean that they’re bullies.

No one is obligated to like something, if they do, they do and that’s awesome.  If not, then the media simply wasn’t meant for them and that’s about as far as it should be taken.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of criticism for my writing, my crafting, my photography and the thing is is that it’s totally okay.  No one has to like anything I do.  If they do, that’s awesome, and then this simply means that this person and I are speaking and communicating on the same level.  If someone for example wanders over to DIAG and thinks we are real stupid assholes, that’s completely fine, it just means they don’t get the jokes we are cracking or that they enjoy their reviews to be of a different tone.  Totally acceptable.  Same with this performance.

Here, I feel that Feldman should be happy that not all of the reactions were negative.  A lot of people genuinely like the music and really, why shouldn’t they.  It’s not awful.

I think Feldman was so genuinely surprised by this reaction of negativity if only because no one stepped in to be like..  hey man, pump the brakes..  your act is a lot to take in.  But I can promise you, had he been dressed fairly “normally” and his angels as well, the reaction wouldn’t be as severe.  The song wasn’t truthfully that shitty, you know?

The LA band HEALTH has a similar EDM/heavy sound but they dress like average dudes chillin’ out, and aren’t wearing costumes.  No one bats an eye.

And further, getting bent out of shape about internet hate is the worst possible thing you can do – ie, crying, begging etc.  Trolls function like a hive mind (I know because I am one), and whenever you let a troll know they got to you, then the whole thing becomes even funnier.

And truthfully, here’s some fact for you – I routinely get told to kill myself and that I deserve to be murdered because of my writing.  Anyone remember the Deathgasm director freaking the fuck out because I didn’t like his film? Click that shiney hyperlink and go see for yourself.

I’ve also been called out on my other articles, on this whole website and the fact that I have a vagina, more times than I can count.

So, while I likely won’t be rushing out buy Corey Feldman’s new record Angelic 2 The Core, I think the dude deserves a bit of a break.  I truthfully don’t think the performance was THAT bizarre.  I really wish he hadn’t danced around/donned Michael Jackson cosplay..  but just think about it though – if you go to a Watain show you see a bunch of dudes worshipping a dead goat, wearing old dirty clothes that are so dirty they routinely give the band members skin infections..  and no one seems to bat an eye.

I dunno.

Also, a really telling point here is that Feldman was abused in Hollywood as a child star, preyed upon and harmed.  He admits this fairly readily and it is apparent in a lot of his actions.  I think in his heart of hearts he felt so strongly about what he was doing, because he grew up in a fairly toxic environment and truthfully isn’t super savvy to the ways of the world and I think this is why his feelings are so hurt over articles like this one from Vice that documented his birthday party.  I think Feldman came from a time when he couldn’t do any wrong and now exists in a time where the movements of anyone from the biggest celebrity to the average peasant on instagram are highly scrutinized and everyone has an opinion.

While I don’t think the answer is to censor anyone’s opinion, I think what should be thought of is that we exist in the world in terms of context.  We aren’t separate from it.  I think in Corey’s world his performance made a lot of sense and was a hit, and it’s sad that it wasn’t seen this way to everyone else, you know?

Corey, if you’re reading this..  you were rad in the 1980s, and you made some wonderful films.  But pump the brakes on the circus you are currently running.  The music isn’t that bad.  Just ease back on the circus act/Halloween costumes and you’ll be fine.  Get yourself someone in your crew who is current and reinvent your image, get savvy to the internet and most importantly of all, keep on keepin’ on.  Let people talk.  You go create.

I mean, alternately, you already run a circus, so why not make it a freakshow.  Go big.  Go crazy and be nuts.  Either dial it back if you want to be taken seriously or get fucking CRAZY and allow yourself to be that wing nut.  I think this is really where the dichotomy exists.  I feel that Corey wants to be taken seriously but it’s hard to be seen as super serious musically when you’ve got on essentially a Halloween costume, you know?

Further to this, it sucks when motherfuckers make fun, you know?  I feel that.

Felt it my whole life.

But, keep doing you.  It’s all we have.

Chin up, bud..  It can’t rain all the time.



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