Trash/Thrash Tuesday – John Carpenter – “Night”

I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up with John Carpenter’s musical endeavours over the past few years but if you haven’t, you might want to start. We all know Carpenters distinct sound from the soundtracks of his films, his chilling keyboards providing the soundscape for everything from horror to apocalyptic science fiction and beyond. In 2015 he released an album of original songs, in the same theme as his soundtrack work but completely new. Leaning more towards the futuristic than horrific for the most part, every song is a movie just waiting to happen.The bass line that opens up “Night” is feels like a predator stalking the dark city streets, a low rumble that pushes the song along while icy and sharp keyboards fly overtop. Perfect for the spooky nights that lay ahead of us.

– Scotty Floronic

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