Boycott Pittsburgh’s Row House Cinema Showing of The Last Unicorn

It’s no secret that we here at DIAG support Peter S. Beagle, the creator and creative genius behind The Last Unicorn.  I’ve written several updates around the legal issues that seem to swirl endlessly behind this awesome fantasy film and book.


For those unaware, I will quote a previous update:

As is already well documented Connor Cochran and Peter Beagle have been embroiled in a controversy over the legal rights to The Last Unicorn, finances, and more, with some huge lawsuits brooding over the horizon.  There have been allegations of elder abuse and this can all be read here, and I will add in a trigger warning – this material is harrowing and VERY upsetting.

Following the filing of this lawsuit, I wrote an article about the controversy surrounding The Last Unicorn and this article has prompted other voices to speak up about being swindled out of Last Unicorn tour merchandise.

Following this, I have also written a piece boycotting a Seattle showing of the film. While the film rights and creative issues are still being solved in court, any showing of this material without Peter Beagle’s consent is highly unethical – the money from these showings should be going to help Peter with his daily life and expenses. These showings do not go to benefit Peter in any way and only serve to benefit the man who is being sued by Peter for elder abuse.

Now, I know my readers are big fans. But here’s the thing. We as fans can vote with our hard earned money. I ask you to boycott this event, and don’t go. It may seem super cool to see this wonderful film on the big screen, but truthfully.. believe me when I say it isn’t. I saw it on the big screen and wish I hadn’t.

Do not support this showing.

Here’s a link to the facebook event so you can tell The Row House why you won’t be going.

As always, we here at DIAG stand with Peter Beagle and we stand with him to #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

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