Judge Dismisses Connor Cochran’s Countersuit in The Last Unicorn Legal Battle

Hey tiny friends.  How’s your week going?  Looking forward to the upcoming Canadian long weekend?  I know I am.  Something about working with hundreds of children all day really makes those weekend ciders go down smooth.

Anyways, since I’m something of a fan of the Last Unicorn, I wanted to update you all on what is currently happening surrounding the strange and sad legal battle and online drama that goes along with this.

Last fall, Peter S. Beagle sued his former manager Connor Cochran for fraud and elder abuse, among other things. For those who haven’t read the whole complaint, you can do so right here and I warn you right now, it’s harrowing and very very upsetting, so trigger warning on that.

Following the publishing of this…  I wrote what has now been circulated thousands of times online, which is my own experience working on the fated 2014 Last Unicorn film screening. This experience spread like wildfire over the internet and it did some amazing work in getting others to speak up about what they saw and how it made them feel and not only that but to uncover countless cases of fans being defrauded merchandise they ordered and then never receiving it, myself and my friends included.

I think often we see things that aren’t right and maybe we don’t know that they aren’t up to code when we see them and it takes someone opening their mouth to speak up before we join in as well.

Human nature and all, right?

Anyways.  Following this filing of Peter S Beagle’s lawsuit against Connor Cochran, Cochran filed back his own lawsuit, saying that Peter is unfit and unsound of mind, and even got Peter’s fucking kids to get in on the lawsuit in order to say their father was feeble minded and attempt to file conservatorship over their father.  The children and Cochran filed a conservatorship lawsuit, which the lawyer just recently quit, you know, due to the fucking lawsuit having no legal merit, and the children have backed down.  Peter Beagle has numerous supporting documents stating he is of sound mind.

Cochran also filed suit against Peter Beagle’s lawyer, one Kathleen Hunt stating she is up to some unsavory activities.

Like the beat in some sick ass dubstep, another drop happened on July 26, when the countersuit of Connor Cochran’s against Kathleen Hunt was dismissed with prejudice. click here to read the full court document

So what does that all mean?
Does this mean Peter Beagle is in the clear and we can finally have the amazing creator of The Last Unicorn back and have him happy and well?
That remains to be seen.

I’m not a lawyer.  But I think that like with all things, they get worse before they get better.

I just want Peter Beagle to be safe, happy, and be given all the deserved thanks and love from all of his adoring fans out there.  I know that I am merely one of these fans.  The Unicorn came into my life at a young age and left an indelible hoof print upon my heart.  I know that there are so many others out there.

I want to be able to watch the film and cry, and cry for all the good reasons, and not for the sad reasons.


If you don’t already know this story and this is news to you.. SHARE it. Spread this around.
Do not purchase ANY Last Unicorn products as all of these products have been tied to years of scamming/fraud by Connor Cochran, and any funds from these products go to supporting his fight against Peter Beagle..  Pretty sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

I write in support for Peter Beagle, and I stand with him to #TakeBackTheUnicorn.

Stand with me.

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