Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Nails – “Life Is A Death Sentence”

At 1 minute 57 seconds “Life Is A Death Sentence” doesn’t leave much, if any, room to catch your breath. A blast of full blooded hardcore, this song does what most of the rest of the Nails catalogue does – punches your skull in and leaves you bleeding on the side of the pit. This is far from music for everyone, though with the release of the critically lauded “You will never be one of us” that status is quickly changing. Regardless of which side of the “stay true to the underground/get successful at what you love doing” fence you sit, it’s hard to deny that there is power in these songs.

“Life Is A Death Sentence” is packed to bursting with sounds that beg for your attention. The gun shot-like blasts issued forth from the drums serve to propel the song into levels of aggression that most bands can only dream of. Todd Jones’ vocals sound like a man possessed; you can almost hear the spittle flying as he barks out the lines of the song. Oh, and that Entombed guitar tone. How could I not mention that? The low end that this band possesses is immense (not something I expect from this genre) providing concussive force enough to fill up the little space left in the wall of noise by the other instruments. At about the halfway point, Nails does their thing and switches tempo at the drop of a hat, turning what was a speeding bullet into a lumbering giant ready to crush your soul underfoot. Though short, “Life is a Death Sentence” requires far more than one listen to get everything from it you can.

I can’t recommend the album enough, but if you’ve never listened to Nails this is probably one of the best places to start. Now crank your speakers, open your windows and educate your neighbors on some real music.

– Scotty Floronic (@drunkgraveyard)

Born guilty into this prison
They won’t be forgiven

Consumed with vengeance
Life is a death sentence

Tormented screams come from the shadows
Torn from the womb, placed in the gallows

Guilty, sentenced to death

Verdict reached, judgement passed
Rope around the neck, sentenced to death
No mercy, I won’t make it quick
Leave you in a shallow ditch

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