On the Road to Sled Island, Some Thoughts

I avoid doing these posts like the plague.  Random thinkpieces from my brainyworms are not only not my strong point but are also not the point of Drunk in a Graveyard.  For those who are snickering in the back – yes, there is a point to Drunk in a Graveyard, and the main point is clearly my favourite colour being vodka, but also to have a lot of fun.

The belly laughs I share with my friends, the staff who make up Drunk in a Graveyard, are worth more to me than any possession.

I turned 30 this year.

A lot of things happened, a lot of people have died, and I’ve seen things in my job that I won’t ever forget.

But the thing is, all the shit and garbage and everything else, it all boils off, and your friends are the people there for you at the end of the day.

Drunk in a Graveyard has given me a unique opportunity and voice that has allowed me to meet and become friends with so many people around the globe and for this, my readers – I am grateful.

On the drive to Banff today, stuck in a downpour, I thought long and hard about being on the road to Sled Island.  This is the second major festival Drunk in a Graveyard has covered in media capacity, something that was not ever in the extremely loose plan of starting DIAG in 2012.

DIAG and our readership gave me a voice, motivated me to pick up a camera and challenged me.

So, while this isn’t a long winded diatribe about how much I hate James Wan or a love letter to some obscure 1980s industrial band…  It’s a very sincere thank you to all of yo for making this happen, and getting us here.

Thank you.



As Above So Below in Banff, Alberta.

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