Robin’s Top 6 Picks for Sled Island 2016

Oh hi little friends.  How’s it going?

If it seems like we have been like negligent parents or that hot hipster girl from the craft brewery with the side shave lavender hair who hasn’t returned your texts, it’s because we kinda have been.  Sorry.  BUT!  We have very good reason.

Behind the scenes in the Drunk in a Graveyard house/headquarters we have been prepping most readily for our inaugural trip to Calgary’s Sled Island festival for the 2016 season.

It’s been a while since we have journeyed to Calgary.  Last time we came through, Scotty Floronic was the girl who got railroaded at Stampede in 2015..  oh shit..  maybe I wasn’t supposed to give away his secret.  But for reals, the last time we came through we were on our way to shoot the Housecore Horror Festival in Austin, Texas in 2014 and man, the Calgary airport is sure a weird place.  They have a moose made out of old garbage in there.  When you’re sleep drunk and real drunk it’s sure a trip to just stare at the most wonderful garbage moose and contemplate who you are and what has brought you asunder unto this point.

Anywho..  Since we will be descending unto the city of Calgary for some wild fuckery DIAG style, I thought I would get you, my dear readers, psyched up about what I’m excited to see at Sled Island 2016.

So here’s my top six picks, and where you can find me if you feel like creepin.

Also.  I got asked last time I wrote a top six piece about why I chose six.  In the words of George Carlin, we attached “psychological” satisfaction to the numbers 5 and 10, the basis of the decimal system.  Did you know that if you are a sufferer of anxiety, OCD or myriad other mental health problems, you will also inadvertently have an issue with the number 6?  I think 6 makes people feel a little cagey, and since I’m half raccoon, it seems only appropriate.

1. Born in Flamez

This shit is RICK-DICULOUS.  I was searching out some artists among the myriad group of artists playing the Sled Island fest and this name caught my eye.  Fast forward a little bit to this ridiculous youtube video I’ve posted above and I’m very much game.  I don’t venture so often into electronic music but when I do, I want it dark and weird.  Born in Flamez seems to be satisfying both of these and I’m quite hyped to see this act open up for the penultimate HEALTH.

I’m a bit too old to take Molly and not be a grade A loser, but I could really vibe out to this, yano?
Born in Flamez opens for HEALTH at Dickens on June 23.



Look, if you don’t like HEALTH, you’re dead to me.  That’s just how it is.  I’m pretty fucked hyped to see these guys play live.  They opened recently for Nine Inch Nails and I’m told it was fucking LIT AF.  It is hard to describe what this music sounds like..  it has piece of early Ministry, the dirge of Nine Inch Nails and clean vocals that sound like Interpol.  The lyrics are dark, and perfectly so, managing to be bleak without being cheesy.

These guys are a for sure YES PLEASE to Sled Island 2016.  See you stompy gawths at Dickens Pub on June 23.


3.  Bell Witch

Hailing from Seattle, WA, Bell Witch is a band that’s been on my list of must sees for a while now and for good reason – they’re heavy as fuck.  When I try to explain the type of metal I like to people, I usually end up blabbering something incoherent before finally settling on, “I really like music I can smoke a big ass six paper joint, pop my ears by the speaker and bliss out in darkness..”  Look, I know most people probably don’t talk like that, but hey..  I’m here to entertain and inform.  Get on my level, basics.

Bell Witch plays at 7pm at Bamboo on Friday June 24.



4.  Witchstone

Witchstone is a new one to my list of must sees, and they’re also heavy as fuck, and coincidentally opening for Bell Witch at Bamboo at 6:00pm on Friday June 24. Riff heavy and going seamlessly in between psychedelic and doom, this band is definitely one to watch.

Witchstone opens for Bell Witch at 6pm on Friday June 24.


5. Melted Mirror

Sounding a bit like if Ian Curtis fronted Sisters of Mercy with way more synth, Melted Mirror’s New Wave/Goth sounds fit perfectly into opening for the entirely seminal Psychic TV.
I’m interested to see what these guys have to offer and see how their vibe translates to a live show.

Melted Mirror plays at Dickens Pub on Friday June 24th.


6. Psychic TV

I’d be lying entirely if I said that Psychic TV wasn’t the reason for me to attend Sled Island 2016 in the first place.  Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, in one form or another has always been a part of who I was, be it through Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, or Thee Temple of Psychick Youth.  Having most recently participated in the Listen Hear art project of Rubin Museum’s Try To Altar Everything exhibit and having a telephone conversation with Genesis, I have been even more entranced.  The pub atmosphere of Dickens seems like a perfect place to see this band, and I’ve made several notes in my iPhone to remember to bring waterproof mascara because there’s a really good chance I will be crying like a baby the whole time.  Genesis is one of those rare and beautiful humans who has that effect.


Well, that’s it for me I suppose!  I can’t even wait to start driving and I hope you fun bastards in the Calgary area hit me up and come find the DIAG team, and for the love of god buy us a drink!  We’re poor and need alcohol.

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