Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Daddy Issues



Hey Varg,

My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple months and I notice that when we go out she really likes to dress quite revealing and she always seems to be flirting with all the guys.

She told me it’s nothing and that it’s all in my head.

What should I do?  It’s making me really uncomfortable.

Confused in Cincinnati


Dear Confused,

While I appreciate how frustrating it must be for you to watch your good wife gain the attention of men due to her revealing clothing, I must caution you here, as you may have already guessed..  Your good wife is likely among the river of good women who grew up without a goodly male father figure in her life.  The term “daddy issues” generally applies to these women and this is no fault of their own.  The lack of a strong male figure can severely impact a woman, and it is the duty of a good man to ensure that she gains that lacking trust in her male partner.

Might I suggest some roleplay in the bedroom?  It is most important that you act dominant, and fill a role.  Perhaps you could be a hot dad professor and she’s a naughty undergrad who needs to get a passing grade in order to keep her scholarship?  Or perhaps a little bit of the old King of the castle and heaving bosom princess?

Let her know who is in charge and make sure to hug her enough so that next time she is out shopping and comes across a pair of clear plastic seven inch stripper heels, she realizes that she is loved and does not purchase them.

Good luck,

Victor Vikernes


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