Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: In-Tents Experiences


Editor’s note:  Varg has decided to take a small vacation from his duties with Sexual Sunday and will not be answering love advice this week, as he is on a camping/hunting trip into the forest and has stated he wishes to ponder things and the direction of Sexual Sunday.  Varg has instead asked for me to post a special blank verse poem that he has written for all of those love lorn out there, and a meme that he has been chuckling at (?).  He also wanted everyone to know, he really loves memes, he feels they are representative of the diminishing size of the homo sapiens brain matter.  Whatever that means.


The forest is a cool cloth

I use it to dab away the city fever

And wash clean the chalk covered slate of obsidian that is my mind

The voices of those who long for love 

Are like ring wraiths, the nazgul,

And to me, I would be their kindred

Their kith and king

I stand before the gates, keeping the kingdom 

Like a foolish practitioner of seidr, I seek visions

The voices I hear are those of the glorious dead

My rest comes when I lay my bones amongst the scattered crooks and roots

There is no rest just now

Only that call of the wilderness





Varg Vikernes

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