Standing with Peter Beagle: Boycott Central Cinema showing of ‘The Last Unicorn’

Oh, hello, there my little friends.

I haven’t updated any further on our previous article about the controversy surrounding The Last Unicorn and I feel that now is time to again speak out.

As is already well documented Connor Cochran and Peter Beagle have been embroiled in a controversy over the legal rights to The Last Unicorn, finances, and more, with some huge lawsuits brooding over the horizon.  There have been allegations of elder abuse and this can all be read here, and I will add in a trigger warning – this material is harrowing and VERY upsetting.

It has come to my attention that the Central Cinema in Seattle WA is hosting an event next week on June 14 which will include a showing of The Last Unicorn, and Connor Cochran will be heading up the event, which is an absolute slap in the face to Peter Beagle. A large part of the selling point of the 2014 tour was Peter being present at the tour.

This is listed on the website event page:

We recently learned about the controversy and lawsuit between Connor Cochran and Peter Beagle. This is upsetting to us but we still feel that it is worthwhile to hear what this man has to say.

And here I must rebut with – I disagree.  I don’t think we have to listen to anything Connor Cochran has to say, and it is with the most extreme sense of duty and urgency that I request for all our readers in the Washington area to boycott this event.

Supporting this event is lining the pockets of Connor Cochran and it harms Peter Beagle.

Many might say that they have so desired to see the Last Unicorn on the big screen and here I once again direct you to my previous piece where I document my experience working on and attending this type of showing and how fucking gross and awful it was. I wish I’d never done it. Knowing what I know now, I can’t in any good conscience tell any of you to go out and support this, unless of course you enjoy being subjected to sales pitches by the creepiest dude this side of RL Stine.
The advocates over at FANSAGINSTFRAUD have also asked that anyone who has purchased any merchandise relating to Peter Beagle and the Last Unicorn within the last year to please contact Peter’s lawyer. For more information,
click here

We also urge you to use this page and contact Central Cinema and speak out to them.

If you have been wronged, speak out. Use the hashtag #TakeBackTheUnicorn.
This is a revolution, and we are legion.
The magic of the unicorn will not be taken from us by someone who makes King Haggard look Amish.

In solidarity. All my relations.

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