Snake Church – Ringworm

What the fuck is a snake church? Do snake’s practice a form of religion? Snakes for the Divine, Matt Pike style? Condemnation of organized religion? Or, you know, those weirdo’s who use snakes in their religious practices? Yeah, probably that one. At the end of the day, all that matters is that Ringworm’s new track “Snake Church” rips your face off and then force feeds it to you with some cigarette butts and gravel mixed in. I admittedly haven’t been on the Ringworm bandwagon for too long, only really starting to get into them in 2014 while checking out bands for the second year of Housecore Horror Festival but damn it’s been a good ride even if it has been short.

For the uninformed, Cleveland’s Ringworm have been stirring metal and hardcore into a miasmic audio stew since the late eighties, so it makes sense that there isn’t much fat on their releases. “Snake Church” is pure Ringworm with vocalist Human Furnaces’ screams riding atop a sonic tank of broken glass guitar riffs and percussive assault. Filling my duel loves of frantic vocals and thick riffs, “Snake Church” is bound to get a ton of play here at the HQ.

The full track list, cover and release information is below the video.


Snake Church is due out this July 29 on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse. Physical pre-orders can be found at this location, and digital pre-orders are available via the band’s Bandcamp page here.


Snake Church Tracklisting:
1. Snake Church
2. Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun
3. Fear the Silence
4. The Black Light of a Living Ghost
5. Destroy or Create
6. Shades of Blue
7. Innocent Blood
8. The Apparition
9. Believer
10. The Razor and The Knife
11. Angel of War
12. Temple of the Wolves


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