Gruesome – Dimensions Of Horror

Full disclosure time. I’m a man of contradictions. I tut-tut like an old curmudgeon when bands wallow in the filth of tradition and don’t push the envelope. I stand shaking my head at the deluge of “worship” bands that have been plying their trade the last few years – be they doom, death of otherwise. And yet Gruesome – a band that fits both of these labels – have found a way to worm into my brain and make me join in at least some of the worship.

For those not in the know, Gruesome are a Death (the band, not the genre) worship band with a crazy high pedigree. Boasting members of Exhumed, Possessed and Castrator it’s safe to say this crew is a little better equipped than most worship bands. This is more than likely the reason I can halt my tutting long enough to bow down at the altar of Death.

The “Dimensions of Horror” video is essentially a Drunk in a Graveyard wet dream – monsters, metal and loads of cheese. It really has the feel of something I would pop in my VCR at 2 AM after a night of drinking. And that song – those riffs scratch the Death itch almost as hard as actual Death. Almost, not quite, but close. This one is going to be blasting out of my speakers for a while.


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