Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Mother’s Day


Dear Varg,

My mom is a fucking bitch so Mother’s Day has never been a big thing for me, but my baby mama has hinted she’d like me to take her out for some grub or something for mother’s day, which is kinda stupid because it’s a woman job to have babies.  For the record i think Fathers day is fucking gay too.

Motherless in Mexico City


Dear Motherless,

While I most certainly agree with your statement that the prime function for the female of our species is to produce children to carry on the bloodline, I disagree with your sentiment that this is a reason to not take your good wife out for a meal.  As a generalization, I tend to avoid most of the Americanized Judeo-Christian holiday ideals as I believe them to be inventions of Jewish owned greeting card corporations desperate to milk money out of the teats and wallets of witless consumers.  However, Mother’s Day is of special significance to me.  There is no greater love than the love a man has for his own mother, for the womb that bore him into this meagre palace of Midgard, for it is the strength and good nature of this very woman that shapes him as a man.  My own mother is a strong woman who did not mind when I lived in a heavy metal store and even helped publish my seminal work, Vargsmal.  This is what a good mother does.  In Norway, the celebration of the day of Mother’s is past.  It occured on February 14th, similarly along with Valentine’s Day which may make the whole outings and gift giving a little lighter on the wallets of men if two holidays occur on the same day.  While I sympathize that today you might have to spend $14 on your wife as opposed to the $1.49 you normally do on your most likely daily trips to McDonalds for a serving of processed beef and the indoctrination of American Judeo Christian greed, I must advise you to treasure unto yourself the woman who was foolish enough to mate with a male who takes his mother for granted.  If anything, your mother is likely only a “bitch” because she raised such a weak willed man child as a son.

Best Wishes,

Varg Vinners

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