Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: Horsing Around


Dear Varg,

My girlfriend is a huge Harry Potter fan and recently we went to see that play Daniel Radcliffe was in called Equis and now her google searches of Harry Potter have been replaced with veterinary pictures of horse anatomy..


Reining Her In in Richmond



Dear Reining Her In,

It would appear you are having some issues with your “filly”, and I must tell you here that I am quite flummoxed as to what to offer you in terms of coping suggestions.  Personally, I do not care for horses.  Of all of the great beasts of burden, horses are by far the most intelligent, and this is seen very easily in their eyes.  Their eyes have a distrust in them, even when the animal has been broken.  You can easily see the spirit of the wild that still lives inside.  While I respect an animal that has not bowed to the weight of its overlords, there is also something unnerving about their physical being.

Further, I once met a horse that stood taller than I do, a massive beast that had within it the power to crush me.  This unnerved me most highly as this beast reminded me of the great eight legged stallion Sleipnir, son of Loki and the steed of Odhinn.  It is with this that I sadly inform you that you may be “foaling” yourself if you think that your simple masculinity is any competition for this equine fascination.

Best Wishes,

Varg Veikernes

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