Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Crackpot Theory – “Aliens (Ripley Save Me)”

Hey little friends.

Happy 4/26!  For those of you fuckers who aren’t in the know – 4/26 is the acronym for Alien Day (LV 426, get it?), and in the graveyard, we here are big fans of the epic babely badassery of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley played by the stately Signourney Weaver.

Yep it’s a real time over in our house.  My house cat is named Lt. Ripley and she’s a real piece of shit.  I regularly watch the Alien movies, as really nothing scared me more the first time I saw it, than the first time that big ass black xenomorph crawled onto the screen.

Aliens is easily my favourite franchise of all time.  I even sat with Scotty F. during his big ass alien queen tattoo.  A real labor of love that was.

Anyways, for this week’s extra special Trash/Thrash Tuesday I wanted to share my deep love of H.R. Giger’s phobia of vaginas, and share this with you as well:


Hahahahaha.  Thats quite the rear end right?  But I’m just fucking around with you.

I was tooling around on youtube and found this band called Crackpot Theory and they have a death metal song called Aliens (Ripley Save Me), so this was really the obvious choice because who doesn’t love goofy ass metal paired with the best sci fi horror franchise EVER.

And I swear to all that is wicked and good that I will sharpen my fangs on some unsuspecting fucker next week.  I get all antsy in the pantsy if I haven’t done a Trash piece in a while.

I couldn’t find the goddamn lyrics for this song, but I don’t know that it matters a whole lot, truthfully.


I also wasn’t kidding about my goddamn cat either.

I even made her her own cosplay sweater so she can accurately hunt for..  pigeons?  Pigenomorphs?  I don’t know.

image1 (1).JPG

Please pray for me, I’m not well.

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