Sexual Sunday with Varg Vikernes: That Special Feeling


Dear Varg,

How will I know when I’m in love?

Loveless in Lafayette


Dear Loveless,

Thank you for writing in to me and for taking the time.  As to your question, I must disappoint you most thoroughly to tell you that the love of which you speak, in the case of romantic love at least, is simply an illusion created by Judeo-Christian owned greeting card companies in order to further their agenda of capitalism and of dog raping.  Romantic love of the kind celebrated around Valentine’s Day is simply not real, and as such, your question is void, like the love you seek, really.  Love, between a man and his weapon, a man and his brother, or a man to his children or gods, is a different kind of love and since it not connected to the mere release of oxytocin hormones, it is a more meaningful love.  When we can establish a connection, a real connection based on something more than the cunning quickness of a slippery in and out meeting of genitals, or something based in obligation like the worship of tbe Judeo Christ myth, we can understand the true primal nature of what it is to live stricken with the human condition and its fragility.  While I will never disavow a man his ‘pleasure’ seeking, I caution you most readily to seek deeper meaning, and I am not referring to ‘balls deeper’ meaning.

Yours in brilliant solidarity with Odhinn,

Varg Vikernes


Be sure to email Varg with all your burning love queries and you may see them featured in a future issue of Sexual Sunday.

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