A Serbian Film

Hey friends! Does anyone remember that story about the teacher who fucking went to jail for showing her class the ABCs of Death? Pretty weird right. Turns out, a reader of ours named Darla who runs an at home daycare recently pulled a similar stunt. I guess Darla was all hopped up on cough medicine and goof balls one day and conked out while the kids ran around and hung out. Mistakes were made and somehow the children in Darla’s stead ended up watching A Serbian Film?  Anyways, Darla woke up out of her Robitussin coma and had some explaining to do and found these awesome drawings that the children she looks after had done.  The kids even illustrated a copy of our logo.

Easily one of the most fucked up things that’s ever been submitted to our page.  ENJOY.










These kids definitely won’t grow up to be serial killers or anything.

Also, Darla you should call a lawyer or perhaps seek mental help.

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