The Truth About Connor Cochran and Working on The Last Unicorn tour

Update:  February 28, 2017:  Since there seems to be some confusion around this post – I have nothing to do with FANSAGAINSTFRAUD.  I have used links found on FANSAGAINSTFRAUD and similarly they have shared my experience.   I also have no connection to Peter S. Beagle beyond working on the tour in 2014.  

Further to this, I am not affiliated with Conlan Press or Connor Cochran in anyway.  If you have issues with them or in receiving merchandise you have paid for but not received, I urge you to bring this up with Conlan Press directly.  Connor Cochran has commented on this piece and left his personal cell phone number.

While I wish no further dealings with Conlan Press, I leave these posts up for those who may wish to try to get their undelivered merch.

I’ve debated posting this for a while now, and when I found this most recent article on the FANSAGAINSTFRAUD page and also now a VICE piece, I knew I could be silent no longer. I could not be silent because I’ve worked alongside Connor Cochran, and on The Last Unicorn 2014 tour, and I had been witness to Connor Cochran’s slimy behaviour and his broken promises.
For those not in the know – I’m a huge Last Unicorn fan. Huge as in, my father used to rent it for me every weekend on VHS until he finally bought me my very own copy that I still have. Huge as in, I paid $6 (a whole week’s allowance at the time) in loose change for a tattered copy of the book in the early 1990s, and still have that too. Huge as in, my first large tattoo is a giant sleeve that creeps down my arm and onto my back and chest of the characters from the movie. Huge as in, this sleeve was to be featured on the special edition Blu-Ray (from lionsgate) special features. The Last Unicorn shaped my whole life.

That was the story. This story of growth and grief and loss and friendship and love, and magick, real magick, the dangerous frightening life and death kind, the beautiful kind. It’s the only book where the movie was just as good.
It’s my favourite tattoo. When people recognize it, they get this excited look on their faces, and people do recognize it. From heavy metal bands in the middle of a Hell’s Angels bar in Austin, Texas, to tiny little Japanese girls at PAX Prime in Seattle, to flea markets in Vancouver, BC. People want to talk to me about the movie, tell me about the first time they saw it, tell me about how much it meant to them, about how much it means. We share these stories. We share in the magick that brings the fans together.


When it was announced that The Last Unicorn would screen in my town in 2014, I was, in short, completely over the fucking moon.  The chance to see this movie on the big screen, the chance to meet the man who wrote this book, created these characters..  the chance to say, thank you.  Miigwech.  All my relations.  The chance to express the tiniest bit of gratitude.  It was amazing.

Early on, there was something of a casting call offering up volunteer positions otherwise known as “Roustabouts”, to help work the show.  I had already bought tickets, so I didn’t require free entry, but I wanted to help in any way I could.  I applied and both my partner and I were selected.  We readied our costumes and began spreading the word:


you can’t see it in this photo, but i’m wearing a Last Unicorn shirt

The day of the show, my partner and I prepped our costumes, and got to the theatre to begin helping at 1630.  No one was there.  At 1715, a small van crammed with three people, Connor, a woman, and Peter Beagle rolled up, packed to the gills with boxes of merchandise.  The trio seemed disorganized from the get go, and Peter Beagle was visibly tired.  Immediately Cochran asked us if we knew of any places where the three of them could stay the night, hinting that perhaps they could stay with us.  Uncomfortable and only having a one bedroom suite in a house, I politely declined.  Watching Peter Beagle, he is an old man.  He is not a doddering, muttering fool, but he is an old man.  He reminded me of my German grandfather, same build, same smiling eyes, and I certainly would never allow my beloved grandfather to sleep on some shitty couch.  This seemed odd at the time, and it didn’t sit well.  I brushed it off at first and later it nagged at my mind.  When I introduced myself to Peter, he was friendly, he admired my tattoo, and he said my name reminded him of a story and he told me about it.  This is something I had heard as well, from friends who met him during the Vancouver stop, that he was always connecting names to stories and events, or little facts.  He relayed them in his quiet voice.  I read now that Connor Cochran claims that Peter’s mind was deteriorating during these stops, but I was never given any indication of such.  Peter remembered my name, called me by it, and was very much “with it”.

For those who may doubt my credentials…  I’m a care aide.  It’s been my job for the last six years to work with people experiencing the cognitive changes associated with dementia, Alzheimer’s and acquired brain injuries.  If I had to say anything about Peter’s mental state, I would have and still would list him as lucid, clear headed and far from the doddering old fool that Cochran would like to illustrate him as.  But, what do I know?


I was so proud to get the Mommy Fortuna hat looking right!

As I spoke to Peter, Connor came over and snapped at him to “go sit down for a while” and again I was struck by how Connor spoke to Peter.  Where I come from, in First Nations culture, you never ever speak to your elders that way.  Peter Beagle is a grandfather, a wise man, this is simply not done.  Peter sat at a table and pulled out a novel to read while we set up merchandise tables.  Cochran went over and over again with us the importance of upselling merchandise and the spiels to recite, which again seemed strange given that much of the merchandise was pricey.  I always assumed that people who wished to buy merch would buy what they wanted, and even when I worked retail I was never much for upselling.  While fries is one thing, at an event like this, it was entirely another.


Scotty Floronic looking pissed off (because he was)

Scotty Floronic, my partner and best friend, is a great judge of character and within half an hour of working with Connor Cochran, was immediately annoyed.  “This guy is a scumbag,” Scott said, as we took a small dinner break to eat some food before the showing.  Scott didn’t much care for the spiels.  Connor was constantly talking, like a salesman desperate to close a sale.

The show sold out, many movie goers were turned away and Connor wheedled with the staff of the Cineplex to try to let in standing room only, and was turned down due to this being a fire hazard of which Connor complained.  The theatre was packed.  As everyone filed in and took their seats, I introduced the film up front with Connor, who ranted endlessly to the crowd about merchandising, T-shirts, perfume, and went on and on.  The show wasn’t about Peter or The Last Unicorn, it was about making money and it felt really really weird.  Cochran went on at great length prior to the showing, as if he somehow was some kind of Last Unicorn expert, perhaps forgetting that the creator was present the whole time?

This is what Connor seems to forget – he might be the salesman in all this, but Peter is the creator.  Peter wrought the magick, Connor did not.

I didn’t enjoy myself and I felt a lot of secondhand embarassment for Cochran who was essentially dancing around like a monkey to try to get paid.  At one point he was running around and fell up a flight of stairs and the whole crowd started killing themselves laughing.  It was one of the few times he was not talking.

The movie played.

Afterwards was when the real challenge began – merchandise sales in a busy theatre on cheap Tuesday night.  The line was amazingly long, people waiting to buy books, meet Peter, have books signed.

Beautiful framed lithographs were available for sale and they tempted me.  I saw Connor make sales of them, and it turns out they had to be mailed to the people who ordered them.  Friends of Scott’s and mine ordered these pricey pieces and two years later have yet to receive anything.  I didn’t like the sound of paying for something and then having it mailed to me, so I resisted ordering and I am glad of it.

As young teens and their mothers looked over goods, Connor was constantly yammering over them, upselling, wheeling, dealing.  It was weird and creepy and I wished he would stop talking.  Let people look and pick out goods.  It’s like that guy at a yard sale that has to come up to you and tell you the story and worth of every knick knack you pick up, it was extremely offputting.  Fans my age who had spent their whole life in thrall of the Unicorn waited to speak to Peter and Connor began rushing people through their talks, focussing more on making sales, forgetting of course that the fans who were waiting were not standing there for long periods, simply engaging in a chat with the author.  Rushing people around and the non stop chatter of Cochran was noticed, and for a long time afterwards, I’ve heard comments about it.  Don’t forget, for many people, this would be the only time they could experience this moment with Peter Beagle.  To rob fans of it, is downright crappy.  But then again, we are talking about someone who allegedly has no issues taking money for sales and not shipping the items so I doubt he cares much.

As sales wound down, and we began to pack up, I paid for the goods I picked out, and took my old VHS tape to Peter to be signed and he remembered my name, and we talked.  Peter was gentle, obviously tired, and seemed glad that the event was winding down.  As we packed up Connor promised Scott and myself Roustabout gifts for being part of the tour, T-shirts and slides, and other exclusives – none of which have ever arrived, and likely nor will they ever.

My partner and I worked from 1630 til midnight, and it was in short, one of the weirder experiences we’d ever had.  We still talk about it.  We were also expected, the both of us, to do all of the take down and work loading the van, which was no small feat.

Scott, a man of few words, said only this, “That Connor guy is FUCKED.” on the ride home.

When the original lawsuit news broke last fall, neither of us were surprised.

The allegations of elder abuse seemed to line up to what we had witnessed.  An old man being paraded around for profit, tired, being snapped at, being rushed around by someone who cares only for money and little for magick, little for the unicorn.

When the original lawsuit broke, I tweeted briefly about this experience of which I have just written and Connor attempted to flimsily come to his own defence, by tweeting me his “response” but gave up after a few tweets and blocked me instead.

This is my experience.  Nothing felt right, everything was weird and creepy, and it left a bad taste in my mouth that I have not been able to shake. And it seems like I’m not the only one feeling sour, Tour investors have sued Cochran for fraud over the Last Unicorn movie tour..

You can read Peter Beagle’s full complaint against Cochran here and be warned – it’s awful. The allegations of elder abuse make me see red, give me a bad taste in my mouth and overall..  make my heart hurt.

Why is the Last Unicorn just a magnet for drama?  Why can’t it just be that magickal feeling?  Why does it have to be upsetting and weird?  There’s something I wish I could go back to, really.  The magick of the whole thing, before the tours and resurgence in popularity, just that magickal part of my childhood that connected me to my father, to me as a frightened ten year old singing the theme song at a talent show and getting jeered at for the rest of middle school.

Something that should have felt wonderful just ended up feeling weird and Connor Cochran is to blame.

UPDATE:  Within less than 6 hours of posting this article, I received a phone call from Connor Cochran, which I did not take.

It’s funny to me that he was able to dig up my phone number in old pages of volunteer applications from two years previous, but remains steadfast that the “Canadian paperwork was screwed up” causing many hundreds of fans to not receive orders they paid for.

Connor Cochran phoned me until he got my voicemail and left me a long winded ranting diatribe and several minutes later posted a comment on this article.  

I have contacted the friends we know of who were swindled out of hundreds of dollars worth of goods and since they have been burned by Cochran, they wish no further discourse with him, and similarly, I will not engage conversation with him. I also find it amusing that when I contacted Connor with emails about when we could hope to get our volunteer merchandise, the emails went unanswered, but amazingly, he was able to dig up my phone number to call me and attempt in a very basic way to frighten me, or at least this is how this appears to me.


I am attaching the following voicemail which was left by Connor on my telephone..


With this in mind, Cochran has commented below this article to urge those who did not receive their goods from this tour to come forward.  While I will not be doing so, and our friends who have been swindled that I know will not, either..  I have left the comment on this piece in order for those that do wish to, to come forward and try to receive their merch.

I like to follow one of those “fool me once” attitudes when it comes to having money stolen and being used for personal gain.

59 responses to “The Truth About Connor Cochran and Working on The Last Unicorn tour

  1. Dear Robin:I tried calling you just now and you hung up on me. I will repeat (briefly) the message I left on your voicemail.

    1) If there are friends of yours who did not get what they ordered at the Kamloops show, PLEASE have them contact me at or call my cell at 650-267-9651. For many reasons the paperwork from the Canadian tour was really screwed up while we were on the road and I have been trying to reach customers there ever since to fill in the blanks and fix the errors in the recordkeeping so everyone could get what they were supposed to.

    2) I am not making up Peter’s very serious memory and cognitive problems. They have been observed by lots of witnesses and by his own children, who certainly know him far better than you do. They know who is actually harming him and have hired an attorney to file for conservatorship over their father so they can get him the care he needs and protect him from the people who are actually harming him, See for the truth.

  2. It is to cry … I used to be on Mr. Beagle’s email list. I read the book when it came out and it has always been special to me. #SaveTheUnicorn

  3. Question for Conor Cochran: If Mr. Beagle had severe memory loss issues and cognitive issues, why did you think it was a good idea to take him on film tours? Wouldn’t you want him resting comfortably at home with the finest medical care? Also, from what I hear, it’s not just the Canadian tour that is missing their merchandise–it’s people all over the world. Did everyone in the world mess up their order form?

    • This is the part which doesn’t make sense to me as well. I could realistically, looking at the many detailed statements on both sides of this issue, believe either Mr. Beagle or Mr. Cochran to be telling the complete truth… if it were not for one simple fact.

      An elderly man in frail health, who is rapidly declining both physically and mentally; who cannot track or recall with any accuracy; who is unable to make his own decisions; who needs others to do what’s best for him, even against his own strenuous beliefs and wishes…

      …is in no way the *same* man who can safely be dragged from pillar to post for two years; put to work for 12-16 hour days; housed in guest rooms of fans who want to talk to him when he needs rest; expected to do an arduous job, in short, with little rest and no special medical care.

      Yet Conor Cochran expects us to believe both of these things about Peter Beagle, simultaneously. I’m sorry, Mr. Cochran, but that defies reason and common sense. If Mr. Beagle were truly the sick old man who is unable to function mentally or physically without such extreme care as to require removing his agency over his own associates and financial decisions, then there would be only one ethical course to take: keeping Mr. Beagle safe at home, surrounded by family and friends and with good medical care close at hand, and refusing any and all work which required him to be on tour. physically and mentally active for long, grueling days and sleep on strange beds every night. That you chose not to do that tells me that either Mr. Beagle was not nearly as ill as you claim, or that you were not treating him and his medical needs ethically, or both.

      There’s one more thing I notice about the behavior of the various parties to the dispute: Mr. Beagle supports his claim with specific evidence — financial documents, medical evaluations, etc. Mr. Cochran supports his claim with character witnesses. Character witnesses can be fooled… even over a period of years. They may believe what they’re told, or what someone sets a situation up to appear as true. Tests are much more rarely fooled, and primary source documents virtually never. I believe that most or all of the parties who signed Mr. Cochran’s public relations document earnestly believed what they wrote… doubtless including Mr. Beagle’s children. However, they would not be the first to mean well and be wrong.

      “The only ethical principle which has made science possible is that the truth shall be told all the time. If we do not penalize false statements made in error, we open up the way for false statements by intention. And a false statement of fact, made deliberately, is the most serious crime a scientist can commit.” -Dorothy Sayers, _Gaudy Night_

  4. I’m still waiting for the pair of books I ordered in 2015. Not nearly as long, but it’s still been excuse after excuse as to the delay. Now, it’s pretty clear that the delay is because of the lawsuit – the fans are being used as a bargaining chip.

  5. I ordered the Last Unicorn audio book many years ago now. I am still waiting, while the children I ordered it for are now old enough to read the book themselves. I doubt, at this point, that I will ever get that CD or my $40 back.

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  7. Nice to see another Canadain standing up. I also worked the tour and sent my account directly to Beagle’s lawyer.
    As of this point fans need to boycott buying any of Beagle’s work as Cochran owns it all and get every cent. Do not buy, you are paying for legal fees of someone who treated a prolific author like dirt.

  8. Peter’s kids haven’t talked to him in between 5 to 10 years. This message is crap.
    You’re opinion isn’t strong, it is correct.
    Again, you can find the entire lawsuit online. Worth the read

    • I’ve read the lawsuit, and it was deeply upsetting. I do not feel that my piece is a piece of “strong opinion” as indicated in the voicemail. This is a snapshot of the experience both my partner and I had working this tour. In short, it was a goddamn nightmare and we were only there for one night. No part of what is written here is fiction.

    • “Peter’s kids haven’t talked to him in between 5 to 10 years.”
      What is your source of information for stating this? Do you know them?

      • Hi Faith, many people know Peter and you can ask him about it yourself if you’re close enough. The lawsuit has evidence about what’s up. Connor Cochran has coldly driven wedges into his family to manipulate decades old issues for gain. Now the kids are destroying chances to have a healthy relationship with Peter, at least unless they stop chasing Cochran’s mirage of millions flowing into his pockets and trickling down to them. Sadly, these are personal issues that got dragged into public by Cochran. If you aren’t close enough to know more, you can at least follow Peter at the real facebook page that he approves.

      • Hi Dire,
        I appreciate your response, and am sure you mean well.
        I grew up with the Beagle family, since the early 1960’s, & know all of them intimately. I was close to the family before The Last Unicorn was written, during, & since.
        So much of the information currently being circulated just isn’t true.
        The kids were seeing & talking to Peter regularly until later 2015, when he started changing for the worse, acting paranoid, & broke off contact with them because they wouldn’t follow him down that rabbit hole.
        The situation is very complex, and goes way beyond what info is available to fans. It’s not so simplistic – not black & white, bad guy & good guy.
        Peter was being and IS being influenced and manipulated by pushy people – before & currently, that have nothing to do with Connor Cochran. I’ve seen it personally time & again, and it is very upsetting. Trying to protect him from the abusive situation he’s been living in is what drove a wedge between him & his kids, but they love him are still hoping to be able to help him.
        The person who really alienated Peter from his kids isn’t Cochran, believe me. The truth will eventually come out in the wash.
        In the meanwhile, fans need to stop believing a lot of the rubbish that is posted on the internet.

      • Faith, you’re no friend of Peter’s. That carefully prepared script you’re rehearsing shows exactly whose agenda you’re pushing. Connor’s sycophants are very long on denial and very short on facts to defend a CLEARLY one-sided case of fraud. You’d rather call facts you don’t like “rubbish” to twist and spin.

        Shame, shame on you for joining in the gaslighting against Peter as “paranoid”.

        When did this “paranoia” start, exactly? When Peter, half shareholder of Avicenna, requested time and again that Connor show accounting books for where all the money was going?

        Are the Last Unicorn Tour investors also “paranoid” because they are suing Connor for hundreds of thousands of dollars that disappeared without any accounting as well?

        How about Sydney Clemens, the author who was forced to sue Connor for $25,000 that disappeared?

        And the publishers who won a lawsuit against Connor in 2015 for disappearing thousands?

        Was the Illinois State Bar “paranoid” when they removed the license from Charles Petit for defrauding clients, that scumbag friend of Connor’s who helped form Avicenna and defraud Peter?

        You have got some nerve to claim to be someone’s “friend” and turn around and call them “paranoid”, for demanding rightfully due fiduciary duty about all of the money taken in his name. “And “manipulated” because he was rebuffed time and again and FORCED to go to court to get an accounting that’s rightfully his.

        Is Peter’s own fiduciary also “paranoid” because she submitted evidence to the court that Connor has refused to pay him?

        And the thousands of cheated fans too? Are the author of this blog’s friends also “paranoid” because they are upset about being cheated for hundreds simply stolen?

        None of this long string of broken promises was a mistake or accident. Your friend Connor simply never intended to do fiduciary duty, to give anyone their rightful accounting, and he made his entire living off of someone else’s work and never intends to stop. This is uncomplicated, and there is nothing you can do to fog up this issue. No matter what or who else you want to belatedly blame in response to a FORCED accounting in court.

        Your dishonesty is plain to see in the way nothing was said about any of this alleged “abusive situation” you claim was caused by someone ELSE, until Connor was caught and needed a distraction. (Of course, you can only sell us a vague, foggy notion about who these “other” abusers are.)

        If you claim to be “intimate” with this family for so long (which I doubt is truly as close as you claim), then act your age and stop playing like a pouty child defending your friend for being caught with his hand in a cookie jar of other people’s money. If you aren’t going to help aid justice, get the FUCK out of the way.

        I appreciate your response, and am sure you mean well.
        I grew up with the Beagle family, since the early 1960’s, & know all of them intimately. I was close to the family before The Last Unicorn was written, during, & since.
        So much of the information currently being circulated just isn’t true.
        The kids were seeing & talking to Peter regularly until later 2015, when he started changing for the worse, acting paranoid, & broke off contact with them because they wouldn’t follow him down that rabbit hole.
        The situation is very complex, and goes way beyond what info is available to fans. It’s not so simplistic – not black & white, bad guy & good guy.
        Peter was being and IS being influenced and manipulated by pushy people – before & currently, that have nothing to do with Connor Cochran. I’ve seen it personally time & again, and it is very upsetting. Trying to protect him from the abusive situation he’s been living in is what drove a wedge between him & his kids, but they love him are still hoping to be able to help him.
        The person who really alienated Peter from his kids isn’t Cochran, believe me. The truth will eventually come out in the wash.
        In the meanwhile, fans need to stop believing a lot of the rubbish that is posted on the internet.

      • Can the author of the blog please remove the copy of previous comment accidentally left on the end of mine – thanks.

  9. *SIGH!*

    Welcome to the ugly dark side of fandom. A side populated by those looking to make a buck on the backs of others, who see the fans of these works and their creators with dollar signs in their eyes. Where stories abound of aging actors, their minds dwindling, being essentially ‘pimped out’ by their new agent or younger partner.

    However, yes, it is a business, which many fans, young and old, don’t sometimes realize. Still, that does not excuse the behaviour of many of these people who only see the money. (Yeah, the bit about him wanting to pack the theater to standing-room-only, disregarding the fire regulations? Heard plenty of tales of for-profit conventions doing that.)

    Finally, go see “Love & Mercy” – the story of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and how he was easily manipulated by a shady therapist – if you want an idea of what that sort of relationship can look like.

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  12. I forgot to mention – he’s always been totally disinterested in social media. I pushed him to get the password for his Peter S. Beagle Facebook page, back when he and Cochran were productive working partners & good friends. I suggested he do it to see the lovely posts of fans. But he just wasn’t at all interested to spend time on Facebook.

    The new Facebook page isn’t run by him either, just by someone who knows him & started it.

    • Then it will be no problem for him to get it when he does request it.

      Oh, wait… it’s withheld, and instead he’s forced to have a new page set up, while the old one and it’s managers refuse to stop pushing Connor’s propaganda and sales pitches to fund their court battle against Peter. Peter was even forced to go for a court injunction to abate the wrongdoing.

      • Hi Dire,
        Peter doesn’t care about Facebook, I already said.

        There is so much you & fans don’t know. Is your main source of info the Fans against Fraud site, which IS totally biased?
        There are untruths there, & some twisted facts, slanted from only one angle.

        Regarding what you said above, I wasn’t defending Cochran, I was defending Peter’s kids.
        I wasn’t engaging in the Cochran & Fans, & Cochran & Peter issues, and taking sides there. All of that will be ironed out in the end in court, & if/when it is proven that Cochran is in the wrong, then Peter will be vindicated & compensated.
        I was just giving some info about his kids, essentially, as the person I was questioning initially posted “Peter’s kids haven’t talked to him in between 5 to 10 years.” which is just false information, and an example of the BS that ends up being circulated on the Internet.
        You say “Your dishonesty is plain to see in the way nothing was said about any of this alleged “abusive situation” you claim was caused by someone ELSE, until Connor was caught and needed a distraction. (Of course, you can only sell us a vague, foggy notion about who these “other” abusers are.)”

        Peter’s children have been concerned about the negative manipulative influences in his life for several years, in fact. But they couldn’t do anything about it, as he wouldn’t extricate himself. But as it was family business, none of it was referred to on the Internet until recently. None of it was, until Peter’s lawyer rather unethically took to social media to spread the Beagle VS Cochran Case. So in return Cochran shared his response, & that particular web-war was born.
        FYI, I know perfectly well “who these “other” abusers are,” but this isn’t a courtroom, therefore this isn’t the place for such info.

        But in the end, “whatever,” as this is apparently exclusively a Bash-Connor-Cochran page and discussion, not open to any perceptive that veers in any way from that line of thought, so I’ll leave you all to it. Cheers!

      • “Totally biased”, faith? Do explain! Let’s hear it. What do you know about bias? What bias is that? Who besides Connor Cochran has informed you?

        While you talk about web-wars and how the info came out, twist and squirm, evade and deny… that Fan Against Fraud info was out a YEAR before Peter’s lawsuit got the attention of everyone else and independently confirmed it. There is confirmation on every other front. All of these fan complaints that keep coming, all of the lawsuits, it’s all linked and documented.

        The author of this blog volunteered to work the tour, innocently, with no bias, no rumors or knowledge of abuse, with pure support. What she experienced, and tells about, was horror and disgust at Connor’s behavior. This is unbiased witness confirmation, but you weren’t there, were you? So don’t lie and deny it.

        I’m sorry you feel that denial is more important to protect your friends, but there’s serious business to take care of. Connor isn’t being BASHED, he’s being SUED and STOPPED from abusing. He’s going to have to face everyone for lying and scamming, not just put off and fool isolated elders and small fans and investors he cheats.

        He knows it, and that’s why he’s hiding and deleting and doing anything he can to spin distractions – like the denial you’re doing that’s coached straight from him. If there was any substance then he would take it to court and leave it there – but no, he’s put out press releases while refusing to give any details. He says ‘I won’t debate” meanwhile doing exactly the opposite and bashing Peter across Reddit.

        When you pretend he shared a “response”, no faith, it certainly wasn’t. It was a piece with his INSTIGATION of mid 2015, when he defamed Peter to hundreds of thousands of fans as soon as he caught wind that Peter even TALKED to a lawyer, months before there was any legal or web war about it.

        If you don’t like the BS that ends up being circulated on the Internet, please stop making it.

    • I’m the woman who wrote this piece and I’m going to chime in here to say, I gain absolutely nothing from authoring this piece. This experience is factual and, in short, disturbing.. Also, I see some comments in this discussion about this page revolving around bashing Connor Cochran. Untrue. I have left and will continue to leave these comments posted to facilitate any discussion that others would like to have on their opinion of the lawsuit and controversy. I have included as well, a message that those who have been ripped off money/merchandise, to contact Conlan Press directly, which is what Connor Cochran himself asked – and while I have no interest in any further dealings with this company, others are very free to attempt to get their missing items. Further, if I was so into censorship on this subject, I would simply delete any comments that don’t echo my experience, block the person, and be done with it. I have left the comments open on this article for a reason.

      Whether you choose to accept my statement is your choice, but do not endeavour to speak for me.

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  14. I took a look at the “about” section on the new Facebook page, “The Real Peter S. Beagle; there you can see it is in fact run by volunteers in very close contact with Peter. It’s simply serving as a venue to let fans post their support for him, and as a way of posting events, new stories, and publishing information on Facebook.

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  18. Many of us from the US, myself included, never received our merchandise either. I’m glad I picked up a few things at the show itself, but to wait for two years to get a book, and then realize it will never come and you have been swindled out of money is ridiculous. (So the lie that the “canadian paperwork” was muddled is a lie, since people in the us haven’t received their merch either.)

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  20. I ordered merchandise around 2008 or 2009 and got NOTHING. My computer has crashed and been replaced since then so I no longer have the receipt saved. I put trust in Connor Cochran even when he called me multiple times to assure me all was well and I’d get what I ordered “soon”. I met up with him and Peter S. Beagle twice when they visited my state and when I asked about my orders he’d say the same thing, “they’re almost ready and will be shipped soon”. The second time I saw him he offered a refund but I’d have to email him about it because he didn’t have enough cash on hand to pay me back then. So of course I emailed asking for refund. No response. Then I explored the Internet searching on Facebook, blogs, and even IMDb to discover I was far from alone. This has to stop. We’ve all been scammed and Peter S. Beagle has been taken advantage of. He’s a beautiful soul and Cochran is a liar and a thief.

  21. I pre-Ordered the CD version of the Audio version of “The Last Unicorn” read by Peter. If I remember correctly, I was also supposed to receive a hardcover copy of “Two Hearts” with it. I never got the CD or the hardcover. I talked with Connor once or twice about it. But never received it. It was supposed to be a Birthday present for me… back in 2005. It is now 2016 and I never got it.

    Luckily, I have several books by Peter. All but one signed by him to me. The main reason because I either was able to have him sign the books or bought them from him directly and he signed them right then and there. The only book of his I do not have signed is a softcover version of “The Last Unicorn” that I bought a month or two ago.

    I side with Peter in all this, and I wish I was able to talk with him again.

  22. Your line “An old man being paraded around for profit, tired, being snapped at, being rushed around by someone who cares only for money and little for magick, little for the unicorn.”
    reminds me very clearly of the animals in the cages of Mome Fortuna’s – the sad chimpanzee with the twisted foot, the toothless lion and the real unicorn with a false horn – so that people will see the unicorn.
    I hope Peter is surrounded by Schmedrics and Molly Grues from now on – sensible and altruistic people. He does seem to have been plagued with poor fortune.

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  25. Does anyone what is happening with this case now? I ordered in 2015 and have been reading about whats going on online but most of the information kind of stops midway through last year. Just curious if anyone has an update.

    • As of now, I have no updates. I know that Conlan Press is planning another Last Unicorn film tour and Peter Beagle will be having no part of it, as was posted on his facebook page. We will stand with Peter and be boycotting this tour.


      • There are recent updates.

        ConMan Cochran told every lie he could to keep Peter under his thumb. There was the “mental problem” lie, and attempt to stamp out his rights and lawsuit by ganging up with his traitorous kids, one (Kalisa) you can see posting above as “faith”. There was the lie that Peter’s lawyer was the real abuser for representing him.

        None of it worked. Peter’s lawyer won $25,000 for slapping it down. Now they’re taking a little sweet justice from ConMan’s bank. (Peter’s win is still coming.)

        But a predator can’t change, so with Peter slipping out of his dirty claws, Conman has new victims lined up for the plucking.

        One is the old ‘Thieves World’ property. Another is concerning in a political corruption way. He has announced teaming up with a former-liberal-senator-turned-pundit, likely to use for a shell of pretend virtue, so he can squeeze dollars out of idealistic reformers from the Bernie Sanders camp. (She is on the board of ‘Our Revolution’ but cozy with Fox news.) ‘Sellout’ is the word if she is complicit and fails to shake off this disgusting elder abusing con artist.

        Robin maybe you could share a post about that $25,000 judgement?

  26. This must be a place for alternate facts because the lies and inaccuracies on this page are mind numbing. The problem is you see Peter as something he is not. You don’t actually really know this man. Go on living in your fantasy world, but you’ve been warned that when the hammer of reality comes down I hope you don’t just run around screaming that someone else made you so blind to reality. And if Peter asks you for a few bucks start running and don’t turn back.

    • Hello Jules,

      While you are free to not like our website all you want, the information I have presented here is a factual and accurate account of my personal experience while working on this tour. I was promised benefits for working this show and received nothing (promises that I have saved in numerous emails). Our friends ordered merchandise from this tour and did not receive it and further to this, given the comments that span this page and any other online discussion about Connor Cochran, it would seem that this is fairly par for the course (ordering merchandise and never receiving it).
      I’m curious though, since you take issue with what has been presented here, and seem to appreciate Kellyanne Conway’s Orwellian ‘alternative facts’, I will counter you with a quote from George Orwell:

      “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – G. Orwell, ‘1984’.

      You can paint Cochran as somehow innocent in all of this and that my experience was somehow not truthful, but that doesn’t make it so and no amount of vague internet commenting/threatening at 2AM will stop that.

      This experience is mine. I have not exaggerated any of it, nor have I been paid any money in order to write it as your comment seems to suggest. Further, you’re right – I don’t know Peter Beagle. I have never claimed to. All I know is what I saw and experienced on this night and leading up to it as a volunteer member of the Tour.

      Further still to all of this, I feel that I have been very fair here. I have deleted no comments, even when they have not taken to this article in a positive manner, and I even updated this piece after Cochran wrote to me including his offer to make right the merchandise orders that were not fulfilled on the Last Unicorn 2014 tour on which I worked.
      While I have no interest to have any further dealings with him, I leave this up on this page for those who may.

      I am a fan who had a ghastly experience working alongside someone I respected and trusted and that trust was shattered. I was promised the world for working on this tour and both my partner and I received nothing. Everyone we know who ordered anything from this tour did not receive it, though the money was happily taken from them. I share this piece because I wish to warn other fans of the Last Unicorn.

      I appreciate your comment.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

  27. And I’d certainly hesitate to hold up FAF as a reputable site. The person who runs it has a history of violence and questionable behavior long before he started the site which is wholly a vendetta. Warped minds can rarely be trusted to provide truth. Talk to him about some of his professional and personal dealings and you might be surprised by the person you discover. He hides behind a mask because he’s a coward, but one on one he can be of questionable sanity.

    • Hello again Jules,

      I’m afraid I have to disappoint you once again – but I don’t know who runs FansAgainstFraud. If you take issues with their material, I recommend you take it up with them as I have nothing to do with it.


  28. That guy skeezed me out when I went to the Last Unicorn tour as well. The wheeling and dealing and his idiotic ramblings ahead of the film put me off, as did his casual joking about putting small animals in blenders. Some offhand joke like “It’ll be more fun that putting a gerbil in a blender” or some crap like that. TBH, he put me off from the whole thing and I left while he was still talking, only coming back to try to have a word with Peter and buy some merch, thinking I could at least support Peter. Instead of the event being magical and filled with warm feelings as I had expected, I left feeling disappointed, bitter, and disgusted. I mistakenly associated Connor’s actions, words, and general skeeze factor with the whole franchise and Peter, figuring it was all endorsed by him. I wish I’d realized earlier that it was just one very, very bad apple. What a horrible human being. I hope I never see Connor again in my life.

    • So sorry to hear that this happened to you and that you left the tour with a sour taste in your mouth. We did as well and it’s been a bitter pill to swallow.

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  30. Why can conlanpress still produce merchandise? Who gave them the license for doing it and why arent there other company’s which would be interested in creating last unicorn merch ???
    I am in contact with big merchandise company’s in germany which sell this kind of articles in europe and maybe america, too.

    Who is the rightholder for example for creating fashion and artworks on canvas??

    So I think it is time to change the company and let do the business from people which produce the items for real.
    If you have any informations you can still contact me and I would get in touch with good manufacturer like Emp Merchandise!
    For artworks I have an own studio for giclee prints and knows maaaany artists which creates stunning last unicorn arts and I think all ppl would love it 🙂

    Alexander Deboir

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  32. I ordered The Last Unicorn audiobook and pre-ordered Two Hearts back in May 2007, but neither ever arrived. I was just thinking about that and Googled to see if anyone else had the same experience. I didn’t expect to see all of this!

    I don’t claim to know Peter S. Beagle nor Connor Cochran, but it seems a lot of people on the internet are die-hard experts.

    I don’t know who is really right or wrong in all of this. Reading through a bunch of sites and forums, I just get the sense that a tired old man is being dragged around by exploiters and well meaning fans. I also see Another man getting dragged through the dirt by people who either don’t know anything about him or only met him once then decided to pass judgement on him publicly.

    The whole dire situation hasn’t made me angry… Just really very sad.

    The Last Unicorn was a magical movie and book that got me through a very difficult time in my childhood. I am now in my 30s and I was hoping to dig up the book and read it to my son, but right now I just don’t feel the magic of it.

    I’ve had a really hard time looking for something “official” on the whole “Beagle vs Cochran” epic and the closest source seems to be from the very company that still hasn’t sent me my audiobook after over 10 years:

    If this is true, then Beagle really has been hugely exploited, but not by Cochran. The reality of it is far worse.

    I don’t even care if I get my ancient order now. I just want Beagle to get the care every elderly person should have. For Cochran to finally be vindicated, and for the real harpies that prolonged this whole episode for their own gain to get what’s coming to them

    • Hey Nash,
      Thanks for commenting.
      I’d like to address a couple things from your post:

      1. If you meet someone once (like in my case) and they fuck you and your friends out of money/items, you’ve got every right to pass judgement on them.

      2. If you’d like some up to date information on what’s happening with Peter, you can go to

      That site is maintained by Peter and his close friends and is coming directly from him.

      That would probably be the best source for info.

      Thanks again for reading.

      • Thanks for your reply. Regarding the points you made:

        1: I definitely cannot argue with your first hand experience of Beagle and Cochran. I mainly put my guard up when you asserted that his mental state was perfectly fine. I, like you, have worked in a care home and we both should know that signs of mental deterioration generally happen in waves (especially in the early stages). I am not saying this to suggest Cochran is telling the full truth or that you are wrong though. I’m just taking your account with a pinch of salt because it does contain some assumptions. This is where my “first impressions” comment stemmed from.

        That being said, since I can vouch to getting screwed over by Cochran on the money side, I can empathise with you. I’m really glad you uploaded his voicemail, but I do wish you engaged him just to see if he would have issued you a refund. Although, at this stage it would be fair to assume he is only co-operating because you’re ranking pretty high on Google so it would be in his interests to be a little less shitty.

        2: Thanks for that link. I’m halfway through skimming the 93 page court document and as I said in my earlier message… it’s all very depressing. Through his books, Beagle is my childhood hero and more than deserves a peaceful happy retirement. Whatever the courts decide, I want this whole drama to end soon so he can finally relax and enjoy his later years.

    • I’ve just realised that Conlanpress is owned by Cochran so my source is not as official or neutral as I thought. I’m only finding links that are Beagle’s fans / supporters / customers vs Cochran. I don’t feel I have close to enough verifiable information to comment on either.

      What I do know is that I paid money for some items from conlanpress and they were never sent. I have a short email trail where I chased Cochran on this and I got very weak excuses blaming Beagle (I can’t believe I forgot about those details, they were in 2008 though).

      It’s pretty clear that if Cochran was as innocent in this as he claims, then the basic thing to do would be to issue refunds to his customers. The fact that he said nothing and pocketed it all goes a long way towards explaining why there is so much hate coming his way

      • Hey Nash,

        Very true, unfortunately. These issues would be easily solvable. The whole thing is a god awful mess.

        Sorry that you have been burned 😦

    • Hey again Nash,
      My counter point to this would be that even if, entirely hypothetically speaking, Beagle was demented – the last thing someone should be doing with a dementia patient is traipsing them across the country to sleep on couches and sign autographs. I think this was mentioned in an earlier comment.
      Cochran would like the fans to believe two entirely opposing story lines – that Beagle is both an incompetent mental patient and that he’s also somehow well enough to be toured around like a prize pig. If Cochran would like to be believed as the benevolent force of good, one would think that he would have seen to have been getting his client some help and medical assistance.

      Either way, something in the milk isn’t clean.

      Peter is one of the only people I’ve met who I have been starstruck by. His work is precious to me. I hope that he gains back rightful ownership and receives his well earned dues.

  33. Julie here in Tulsa Oklahoma. I have not recieved my orders. I contacted the company and was sent cut up film photos. Not even close to the amount I lost.

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