Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Abbath – “Fenrir Hunts”


Toss “black metal” into Google and within the first few entries (third result actually, I did my research and everything) you will stumble across Abbath, easily one of the most recognizable corpse-painted faces in the sub-genre and one that has been defining the scene for longer than most of us have participated in it. Back before he flew under his solo moniker, we all came to know Abbath as the frontman of Immortal, easily one of the most recognized and lauded acts to come out of Norway. Despite his recent move to solo status (or maybe because of it), Abbath has lost none of his bite; the new album sounds just as battle ready as any of his previous work. Fenrir Hunts in particular fills  me with the urge  to strap on my chainmail, grab the nearest battleaxe and head out to slaughter my enemies.

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