Dark Ladies: Sophi Reaptress

Today the Dark Ladies will lead you into the world of spooky designs and creepy fashion.

Sophi Reaptress makes every goth heart melt. Her clothes are dark without being overly dramatic and will push your every day dressing game just enough to make you look different and vaguely threatening.

And why should we have anything against that?


So let’s hear from the Reaptress herself how she got into the big world of fashion and made her way to the point of doing what she does best…

1 – You are a fashion Designer and your creations are wonderfully dark and full of soul.  Tell us a bit more about how you got in this field of work.

Yes. I can say that music influenced me a lot developing into the person who I am today. I grew up listening to dark and black metal but later on I got into deathrock, punkpunk,80’s, punk and darkwave music. I always loved its fashion and was fascinating with their style. I got into making my own clothes like every other teenager would not taking it to seriously. It took me till I went to college to finally think “why am I not doing fashion?” So thats where it all began. When I decided I should do it for myself but I should also share it with everyone!!!


2 – How do you think your style developed over time?

I guess like every young teen, it took me a while to figuring out the person I wanted to be. I went through different stages but always stayed in the more gothic end of things. I also liked the fashion of “Gothic Lolita” and Visual Kei for its fashion. I went from puffy tulle skirts, shredded tights, to black skinny jeans and now not jeans ever!


3 – What fascinates you about the gothic or dark culture?

Everything! The fashion and music mostly! Horror films and creepy tales. Gathering with the peeps and talk about all of it!


4 – What inspires you to create your pieces? Is there a bit of a process you follow or is it experimenting and madness?

It is mostly based on what I want to wear myself. I get ideas in my head and tried to do a quick sketches so I can remember them. Then I start developing the patterns, making prototypes, get a fitting model to try it on and make changes if needed. Then photos for my site, and done! Its a little long process.

5 – You are very close to the art scene and do collaborations with a lot of artists. Would you describe yourself as one?

I love the art scene! I am very grateful to have met so many artist that i call friends over the past years!


6 – You are right now raising money for a fashion film, can you tell our readers more about it? What is a fashion film what do you have in mind for that project?

Yes!!! Its going to be a short film where I can show my designs a little more than just a picture. It will be cooler to see something in more of a three dimensional movement than just a still. I will be working with director David Garcia from Between Pictures and local make up artist/designer Allison from Rogue Republic using her vegan cruelty free make up pigments! For more information about this check out my link www.bit.ly/reaptressfilm


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