Segovia Amil – Ophelia Wears Black


I am in the midst of a very grim phase right now. The eternal frost has shockfrosted my system and my mind is set on thinking destructive, dark and nebulous thoughts. I am like a teenager that smoked too much weed and was beamed into an Edgar Allan Poe story and not even the right amount of candy and yoga can safe me from the pain.

So one would say that this might perhaps be the wrong time to buy a book that is called “Ophelia wears Black” and that is full of poetry and photography that could easily be a descriptor for my life.

It seems like it would only fuel the frosty phase and send me right into the blackest of all black holes. So naturally I got interested. Self destructive behaviour at its best.

So I ordered the book and it came and it was beautiful… well as beautiful as amazon manages to make their print on demand books… but in this case the not so super good printing and stuff actually even fit the whole deal because for a brief moment it made me feel special. Like I was part of an underground reading circle that discusses all teh evil and banned books in a dusty cellar.


You might think what kind of weird drama queen are you Sarah? But all this little bits and pieces actually made me feel better. There I was, in the darkest of all moods, reading a book full of darkish poems and pictures… and I felt good.

What Segovia Amil does is empower people. Her poetry is simple and fluent. It describes ordinary bits of darkness that are found in everyones history in one way or the other, through her words she becomes your friend, your partner in crime, the one girl that unterstands you.

Her poetry brings katharsis. That one beautiful moment where words pile up and get more intense and deeper and deeper until they finally burst into pure understanding and clarity.


You will not feel about your darkness the way you did before. What this woman manages to do is make you get to terms with it. It makes you embrace everything about it and form it into something slightliy different thatn before. Her words are tools to make you stronger. Even if it is just for the moment.

Great beauty can be created from the ashes of everyones past.

To underline that Segovia Amil put a whole lot of beautiful and haunting pictures in the book. Pictures that are perfect visualisation of what her poetry does to your soul.

I can only recommend the read. I can only recommend to support her as an artist. Her work is important although the importance comes along in a subtle dress…

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  1. Any chance you are willing to sell your copy of the book? I cannot find it anywhere.

    • Hey there,
      This book doesn’t belong to the site, only to the author who submitted it.

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