Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Mortuary Drape – “Occult Abyss”

Hey you fine weird fucks.  How’s your week been so far?  It was a long weekend here so even though it’s Tuesday, it’s actually technically my Monday and I’m not really ready to face a week of smiling precious students.

Not yet, anyways.


TFW the whole squad on point

Next week is my reading break which is kind of like the well educated version (?) of spring break and I’m gonna spend it..  actually reading, but probably while drunk..  but for real I’m super psyched to have some time to just not..  deal with the shiney happy people I go to school with.

Since I’m a well rounded person, I threw myself out of bed this morning with one ass cheek hanging out of my undies, brewed some dark roast and threw on Mortuary Drape, and pondered what I was gonna cover for this week’s Trash/Thrash Tuesday and it hit me..

K.  This opening riff is dope as fuck.  Occult Abyss is one of those tracks thats pretty frenetic, but it has some sick as fuck hard rock guitar moments.  I just wanna drink a shitload of PBR and hit the bong and do some serious head banging.

Since I have to go play nice at the hospital later today, I will leave the eponymous THRASHING to you fine folks.

Happy Monday!  Er..  Tuesday!

Choose the darkness and the lights
No surrender to the dogma
Seek the balance of the opposing
There’s no way leading in a dimension

In this plane you’ll find a king
Don’t you look in his eyes
But that wearing upon his head
Keepin’ in hands, a wand, a pentacle

My occult abyss, my occult abyss, my occult abyss, my

Occult abyss

Show the way, that we dare
That we want, that we search
He’s the king of the realm
Of I supreme, beyond the abyss
Beyond the abyss

My occult abyss, my occult abyss, my occult abyss, my
Occult abyss

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