Some Thoughts On Philip H Anselmo And Racism

There has been a lot of talk, both positive and negative, about the incident that went down last weekend with Philip. I have avoided the pile on that metal media has been participating over this issue as I don’t think that’s the best way to approach issues like this. One of our friends and writers, Perry, is good friends with Phil and has some words I think need to be heard about the man. 
Who am I? Well i am known as the ” Old Punk ” in some circles. The dude who is in Kill It Again, today 2016. The guy who was in Clenched Fist out of the ashes of Mental Abuse hardcore punk bands from NYC/NJ. The guy who was in a shoegaze band called Skylight in the early 90s and later and A*Star with my woman. So at the start of this writing basically nobody! I am here to address the current slaying of a close friend of mine: Philip H. Anselmo. Somebody who i have only known for 3 years? Insane its been such a short time. But i have to say that in a short time Philip and we have shared many things with each other. Private things, like for instance : My horrid testicle odor during the winter. One would think it would be summer but i was cursed it seems. The world did not know any of this until now, but Philip did. And he helped me with many suggestions. Powders. Sprays and balms. This brings me to the start of what i feel the need to say now. My two cents to the pricks that i think need to hear it.
Thee accusations of racism. Philip is no more a racist than anybody else i know or hang out with. Or even have known really. My days in the punk rock scene had me witness many fuck face nazi skinheads. My best friend and band mate throughout my punk rock career was an african american guy who’s father wrote many of the songs for the village people.  Wait i am starting to justify the fact that i have  african american friends. Is african american even the proper words these days? The proper word for a human being?!! Yeah, humans. Out of the gate we are taught race. You come out of a vagina and bam our ancestors/families tell us who to love and who to hate when it never should have been an  issue in the first place. And now today a world full of politically correct has me so confused at my age. On a weekly basis things change on what is PROPER and what is not. So where am I supposed go here? How do i not piss people off with words that were perfectly fine one week and not the next? The human race needs to understand that if it was not for any segregation in the first place that we would not even have racism as an issue today. And so many are guilty for it. Lets not forget here that it exists on all sides of the spectrum. Its OK for things to be said on one side, but its not on another side. Double standards. Double fucking standards. As humans our goal is to live together in peace. And the majority claim they want that? I claim bullshit seeing everything i see on a daily basis. And you would have to be a complete douche bag not to see that.
Politically correct and the social justice warriors.  South park recently did an episode on how silly this is. Oddly enough i have watched that show for years and have seen them do some pretty sick fucked up things. The show is still on television. But there is humor to this. Nobody takes it seriously even though they are trying to make a point. For a few years now i have watched the world change and change. Farting the wrong way has people marching in the streets. Claiming they are out for CHANGE. The following week that so called CAUSE is replaced by the next. And the circle of shit it is goes on and on. In a world full of basically no attention span these days. The full album is replaced by a few songs because there is so much distraction around us. Phones. Games. Computers. The newest thing to stand up for. I know people on facebook who claim one week to be standing up for the rights of ( insert subject here ) and not even a year later never say a word about it again. The stupidity of this has me perplexed. Things were supposed to get better but its only gotten worse! Take a moment to think about this will you? Because its a pattern that is visibly obvious. And it hurts. It hurts me and  it hurts generations to come.
The metal community. I would like to know what is up with this whole thing. The metal community.  You see this is why metals heads crack me up. Always have. Community my ass. You guys are no different than any other SCENE. Or wait. Humans! You fight amongst each other the same. So to use  ” Metal Community ” as a way to slay Philip for a mistake made is just silly. The metal community must NOT ALLOW. Blah blah blah.I have seen many musicians now come out and talk loads of shit. Musicians that either do not know him or just want to be social justice warriors. It was a horrible mistake of very bad circumstances but you jerk offs do not know the guy very well do you? No, you do not. But if you took the time to read some things. Possibly watch some interviews you would see the person i know personally. He does not HIDE anything from anybody. Never has never will. The guy works his ass off daily on his music. And this is no joke. I talk to Philip damn near every day and all he is doing is working on new music. For the SCENE. For his fans. For his people and most importantly himself.  Philp has many friends  ( in the metal community )keeping silent right now near as i can tell. Some people who are very well known. Not like me who nobody knows. I am wondering why are you guys not speaking out? Are you afraid to be crucified given the current state of things? Near as i can tell if you guys are emailing and calling Philip still then you guys need to be out there explaining the same thing i am. Even if its things you have experienced. That is a TRUE FRIEND in my eyes. Nobody knows i am writing this currently. And i am not going to tell them until its been released. Not even Philip. But i have to tell you with these other musicians spewing out all they can to carry on the judgment it sure seems to me that TRUE FRIENDS should be speaking out. From what i have seen so far the people who have been speaking out are people that do not know him. And the ones that do know him or have spent time with him seem a bit butt hurt over some shit. “Bully” was it Mr Machine headz? Here is a straight up FUCK YOU because only a pussy would say something like that.  Hang on. Let me clarify something. I used the word PUSSY. My apologies go out to all the cats i have offended. Truth. The video you made Mr Machine headz was nothing but you trying to make yourself look good over being butt hurt. I have lived on this earth a long time dude. Its obvious to me just looking into your eyes. Anybody else that had something to say has an opinion. OK. I will not take that from you. It is all yours to deal with. Its only fair and i am trying to be as fair as i can here!
The media slaying. You guys need to give this shit up. Most of you anyway. Especially Metal Sucks.  Dear Metal Sucks person. Dude you are seriously a dumb ass. And you make yourself look like all the other media douche bags out there on any given network. Trying very hard to make yourself look good for all to see. You can pick out so many things in your shit articles that make you look like a douche bag.  I have watched you push the envelope for a long time now. And nothing ever changes. At first i thought you were cool. But it took me about a week to figure out what a DICK you are. The world needs a change dude. Not one specific PERSON who YEAH ” Fucked up ” . Its so easy to slay somebody like that inst it? And all you other media sites who practically beg Philip for interviews on a weekly basis. Come on people. You have done so many interviews with him. You cannot tell me you do not know the guy and who he is. Why turn on him now? If anything you should be getting to the ROOT of this which as i have mentioned is NOT RACISM. Its what society is today! Oh yeah i forgot! Its cool to jump on the wagon. The wagon a majority will forget about over time. Wait for the next person to make a huge mistake and go after them for it. The point is, you have studied Philip for years in a way. You have all the info!! Technically you should know who he is! Uhhg. I give up. Think about it. Seriously this is not even a joke anymore with so called journalists. Remember you asked for interviews when you did. And you most of the time got them. You knew the history here. And as i said if you had spent anytime getting to know the person would not be turning on him now. That is not journalism. That’s a majority of you thinking its cool to talk to Philip on the phone because OH GOD ITS PHIL FROM PANTERA! Bunch of rat finks you are. Not saying its all of you guys. There are some fantastic journalists out there.  The bad ones know who they are.

The man i know. I will repeat myself again. Philip H. Anselmo is not a racist. The explanation he gave was in fact the truth. White wine or whatever it was, it was the goddamned truth. Privately admitting to me it was a horrible mistake due to very unfortunate circumstances.There it has been said. He released a video. Look in his eyes people. Look closely towards the end. If you do not see what i do than you are down right a complete blind asshole. That was my friends eyes i was looking into. It was remorse. And a whole shit ton of it. I can give you so many stories about the man but i will not go further. I do not have to go further. He has had my back in many situations. Saved my daughter from an almost horrid Christmas. What more do i need to say? Nothing. I love the man. And i will always have his back. Inside info kids. That is good enough for me.

Philip H. Anslemo’s big brother
P.S. Look at the two old dudes in this picture. Its sexy huh?
@ Sebastion Bach. Dude. You were one of those guys who happened to jump on the hair metal thing and make something out of it. Your lyrics were total shit and you sold millions of records at a time when the majority needed it? Uhhg. As i said earlier in this article, the world was supposed to change from the time you were even relevant! Instead you still make shit music and live in a fake world of what you used to be. There is a difference between you and Philip! Can you not see it? He has been true to what he does. Your ass is fake. I am nobody but that is the real reason why i get along so well with Philip! Because as a peasant i am able to see the truth. One time i was in Rhode Island. I went to see Oasis. And you and your band come rolling down the street in your tour bus screaming and yelling out the window. I thought wow look at the squid hanging out the window yelling like a… A squid? Fuck you dude. Anytime you are ready to hit the ring.

5 responses to “Some Thoughts On Philip H Anselmo And Racism

  1. I don’t know Phil aside from his music but I have known Perry for 25+ years and if he says Philip is a good guy and not a racist I know it’s true because believe me Perry doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit no matter who they are Be it a famous musician or the dude that lives down the street. Perry would be the first to call someone out on this shit. Normally I don’t comment on crap like this but I’m sick and tired of the media and especially these little fucking douche bags who take to social media to trash people for what they say. There is a time and place for social justice and this is not the time or the place. The guy made a joke, it offended some people, oh well such is life. Sometimes you get offended, you need to un-twist your panties and get over it. You want social justice? Go vote, run for office, get off your lazy asses and do something to put you in a position of actually being able to change the world with your ideas and actions. Hiding behind Facebook, twitter and the comments section of articles doesn’t make a social justice warrior it makes you a pussy. We all say stupid shit in the heat of the moment and if you are offended by it then stay the fuck home. PS. The day metal shows become politically correct places to be is the day I will stop going to metal shows.

  2. I don’t know anyone personally. I’ve been a huge fan of Pantera since the day I discovered them. I personally think all this hype is bs. Give the man a break he was goofing off it was a joke. And if it wasn’t who the fuck are we to judge his beliefs. I am more sadden by him apologizing than the incident itself. The Phil I grew to respect didn’t give 2 shits what you think. I witnessed him on stage singing kill all the white people at ozzfest . I was a little shocked but I got over it. So everyone please get over it move on and live your life to your standards not everyone elses. And mind your own business.

  3. I personally could care less if Phil was joking or not. To me its about the music not the musicians personal beliefs what a bunch of hype over nothing.

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