Dark Ladies: Laura Petresc

Good day to you my friends of the shadowlands. Today we want to introduce to you the haunting and wonderful transylvanian photography Artist Laura Petresc. Her work centers around all things occult and magickal and is strongly connected with the ways of nature. But it is always better to let the artist speak for themselves… so here you go. Meet Laura Petresc:

1. Beltane Druidess

1. What inspires you to create and take your camera outside?

I was born in Transylvania, in a village from The Stone Land area, and this constant connection with nature, folklore, superstitions and many stories about occult life at village are the main reasons. For me this is a way of life, not only art. I study these subjects for few years, I’m fascinated by history, mythology, in special Celtic, witchcraft, taxidermy, crafting ,etc. Besides this archaic world, I study traditional art since I was a child, and that kept me in this environment of creation. So, through these processes I try to show the world of my spirit. And, because this is a personal exploration, I don’t use other models, the self-portrait is the best way to embody my inner world.

2. Do you go out with ideas in your head or do some of your pictures get taken spontaneously?

I like to express myself as an artist using these themes, so this constant inspiration prepare for me what’s next to capture from my story. Usually, I prepare before the next photo shooting the concept, and after I search for the best location, I work at my outfit, makeup or other details. But there were times when I caught a few frames unplanned because the atmosphere and the environment couldn’t go unnoticed.

3. In your evolution as a photographer and artist…how did you find your aesthetics and style, how did you evolve from the first tries to the point you are at now?

I think what helped me the most in my evolution were many experiments, and more study on concept. Even if I inspire myself from different sources, I try to do something more personal. I really don’t care about rules in photography, I am not interested in doing something professional or what mean a “good” photo in vision of other photographers. If my photos suggest something, it’s all that matter to me. I think this is my evolution, my photos have more stories, or it stimulate your spirit and intrigue more.

10. Pictish Woman.jpg

4. Your photographs portray some quite atmospheric and haunting part of nature that as beautiful as spooky…what is your vision?

That’s nature. It’s really beautiful and fascinating but in the same time it have spooky parts, or things we do not understand. I believe that all people have a kind of fascination for the “unknown” and this spooky part o life and nature. As spirits we have good an evil energies, and I discovered my malefic energies and I try to use them in my benefit. When I personify myself with nature and goddesses, or other creatures or stories, probably involuntary I express through photography this balance of life.

5. What does darkness mean to you?

For me darkness is the father of those who love the night. In a more symbolic sense, is the realm for those fascinated by the mystic, a grim and stern realm, but also sacred.

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All photographs copyright of Laura Petresc and are NOT to be reused in anyway without her express permission.


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  1. Don’t you guys proofread your material before publishing it? It’s a lack of respect towards your readers to give them such error-ridden content.

    • Hi there.

      I’m the editor of DIAG and while you are correct in that there are errors in this piece, both the author, and the woman being interviewed do not speak English as their first language.
      Since I come from a medical background, I believe in the ethics of allowing a person’s words to speak for themselves, and I applaud two women for writing in for a Canadian website.

      As for a lack of respect, I hardly agree, but you are entitled to your feelings.

      Thanks for your support!

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