Killer Be Killed – Killer Be Killed

Supergroup – Noun – an exceptionally successful group , in particular one formed by musicians already famous from playing in other groups.

There’s a number of these popping up. Either band members who part away with other bands and find like minded people to start new projects , or simply just friends looking to have fun. They are all around us , some miss the mark and others tend to hit the nail on the head and live up to what you would expect.  I got a little stuck on one these this past year. Killer Be Killed.

I think the thing that made this particular band so interesting to me is the background of the members themselves from their respective sounds. When you have the likes of Troy Sanders of Mastodon , Max Cavalera of Soulfly , Greg Puciato from Dillinger Escape Plan and David Elitch formerly of Mars Volta you can’t help but wonder what that is going to produce to your audible receivers. Once I heard it , I was pleasantly surprised. Everything you would expect came through , with a little more.

Every member represents what they do outside of this album very well , and very well together. You get an honest mix of everything. It’s not just a track to track thing either. One song can range in sound from Doom – to NuMetal – to Thrash , and do it seamlessly. It’s rather impressive.

The songs themselves aren’t very technical , honestly , they sound pretty basic. Basic doesn’t mean bad at all though. Especially not in the case of the debut album from Killer be Killed. They tapped into that pretty well. Riffs are thick , and very , very memorable. When the heaviness of the crunches come through you cant help but feel a source in your neck compelling you to move your head , and the hooks will haunt your mouth and you will sing them ALL – DAY -LONG. Prime example? The opening track of the album ” Wings of a Feather and Wax “.

The album itself , content make up , is very political. Not something I normally dig on to much when it comes to my music , but again , the sounds and lyrics just got stuck in my head . So , if political IS something you go for this thing  should be a magnum opus for you. It’s very much fueled by issues going on in the world today.

All and all the album is 11 tracks long , with some being more memorable than others , but none being able to be labeled as filler or fodder.  The only complaint I can give is track ordering , which isn’t a real thing I suppose. Like I’ve stated all sounds represent from these guys bands and the over all flow of that from track to track might  throw you off.

Some prime examples to check out would be ” I.E.D ” , ” Melting of my Marrow ” and ” Dust into Darkness “.

If you’ve enjoyed anything from these guys other projects then treat yourself to this if you haven’t already.  It’s a success story of things you already loved coming together to make something that will just haunt you in your head all day.

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