Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Bode Preto – Dark Obsession

Well, it’s Tuesday again and Robin is busy doing something spoopy (probably involving a black cat and some candles) so lucky you get to have your ear drums assaulted by MY choice this week. Oh, and what a choice it is. Full and anger and bestial yelling and all manner of crushing sounds to bang your head to. I talked about the Brazilian maniacs in Bode Preto last week when i reviewed their upcoming album Mystic Massacre and here I am again talking about them because this has album is in pretty constant rotation now that the snows have blanketed the Great White Northern wastes. Yeah, I know it’s from Brazil and it’s hot as fuck there but work with me here. I don’t decide what makes sense; the little man piloting me from a control room in my skull does. Anyways…

Black metal. Winter. Pretty much synonymous even when the black metal hails from a country that’s known more for their warm weather than blizzards. The stark severity of the music is the core of the similarity though and these guys deliver in that department. Warm your cold, blackened heart with some blast beats and I’ve-gargled-glass-and-bullets-for-the-last-decade vocals.

Thanks to Josh for hitting me up with the lyrics for the album.

Hail the goat!


Resist…no use…embrace

My lust…perverse…execute

Obsessed by power

You fix your eyes and follow me

Psyche deploy

Be ready for the room next door

Let’s see what’s there

Shrouded deep within

Eyes of void…force of spell…follow me

Can’t you see?

Recall the dream

With the face down in the cellar

Hear the bell

Lively toy

Numb and blind

Easy prey

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