Bode Preto – Mystic Massacre


Bode Preto are a full on sensory assault of the most savage kind; bringing with them years of Brazilian rage and hatred wrapped in the most fangs out soundtrack that black metal can provide. That this album hits the ground in full assault mode and doesn’t let up until the last blast beat is blasted is a testament to the dedication Bode Preto have for purity; you won’t be finding any acoustic tracks or banjos on here like you might on a Watain or Taake release. Shit, you barely have time to catch your breath before being Mystic Massacre is pure hatred more akin to Revenge or Conqueror, unabashedly reveling in the bleak simplicity of traditional black metal.

Bode Preto (Black Goat for those who don’t speak Portuguese,) through the opening track Deep Reality, offer the listener almost immediately a preview of what the next hour or so has in store for them: blood and guts drenched bestial black metal straight from the sweltering jungle . Bode Preto continue the assault began by their initial salvo by following up the album opener with the merciless buzz saw guitar attack of “Dark Obsession”, a song so abrasive it borders on the overwhelming. “Maze of Mirrors” is a minute-long blast of bestial anger, blackened hatred and swirling distortion that follows “Dark Obsession” like a little corpse painted mini-me ensuring that if the last musical assault didn’t do you in this condensed one would finish the job.


“Absurds of Violence” aren’t something I’m particularly familiar with, at least not in a real life “deal it out” sort of way, (I’m more of a keep my ultra-violence inside horror flicks kinda guy) but holy shit does it make great subject matter for a song. I wasn’t graced with a lyric sheet (if such a thing even exists for black metal this primal) so for all I know this song could be about petting all the cute puppies and kitties and finding them nice homes and whatnot but I can tell you that it doesn’t sound like it. What it does sound like is a group of individuals attempting to distill decades of violence and frustration into a concentrated musical elixir. It worked. “Absurds of Violence” is so over the top aggressive it busts out of the confines of strict black metal for a moment, recalling some of death and grinds finer moments (for the briefest of moments so keep your panties untwisted you purists) before we are thrust back into the  black metal machine that’s taking us on this ride. “Absurds” is hands down the most violent track, but “Unknown Woman” is a close second in the ferocity department. The unbridled guitar work in “Absurds” is what pushes it past “Unknown Woman” into the lead position of most violence inspiring track of the album.


“Seizures of Fear” and “Parade” are the real standout tracks from the back half of this album, the latter so filled to the brim with chaos that it at times spills over the shoddily erected definitions of “what black metal is” into some sort of noise resembling…well…noise! “Mystic Massacre doesn’t hit the streets until early 2016, so you have some time to steel yourself for the primal black metal that will crash forth from your speakers when it does come out. Grab this one when it available and place it in its rightful place amongst your black metal collection.

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