Forest of Tygers


Sunday morning. 9/13/2015. I woke up early today. Did the normal coffee and a smoke. Followed by the ever so lovely giant dump that smells like dead animals. I do the normal check emails and my favorite social media sites only to see the same old boring shit. BUT WAIT!  Email saying ” Check this shit out” but WATCH the whole thing. The drummer in particular. Many styles. And you cannot tell me she does not make it look easy. Talent. The email. Its from PHA and as mentioned before in some of my articles or maybe once i don’t fucking know, its Phil Anselmo. We both love music. And often trade videos and songs stating so.  The band today. Forest of Tygers out of Nashville.  Here is the link and i want you all reading this to take the time to watch the WHOLE thing. OK? Because if you don’t its not even worth reading the rest of this.
So its a rough start. House party recording perhaps? But even a minute into this you will find it gets better. Then better. Not just the drummer although i would say she is one of the best around right now and makes it look EASY right? But even the guitar player has it going. The vocals. The break downs and those CHORDS!!!!!!!!!!! I right away email back and said if i had a label i would sign this band. I wasn’t dropping hints at all by the way because i really meant it. Its all about the vibe to me with bands. And they have a great vibe together and you can see that as you watch. I followed up from there and found the band camp which is here
Now listen to their debut ” Bruises ”  You cannot tell me this record is not killer can you? And if you can then go shit on yourself. Plate it. Take a photo and eat it. It has everything my ears wanted and then some. Wait. This is a two piece? Even better. Follow this up with ” Pay of Pigs ” and the video which is here.
 Some reality right there. This is one band i have no intention on slagging off but rather praising them for their efforts in a world full of internet would be bloat of rock stars.  They deserve more and shall get it from me and i am sure the rest of you reading this. Right? So spread the word on that social media shit you use.  Thanks PHA you made my day with this one.

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