No Guts No Glory – Scattered Guts


paint album cover

You meet a lot of people at festivals and conventions. Most of them blow past in the booze and THC induced haze of those few days (ok, mine are seen through an almost gauze-like view provided by the old standbys. I can’t speak for yours but I bet I’m not far off) where we’re surrounded by those of similar minds and sick interests. A crew that didn’t however are the boys from Scattered Guts. We met them in line for some hedonistic thing or another; that part’s irrelevant. What IS relevant is the album they put in our hands. The rest is history or something. That album isn’t this album however. This is just an introduction. On with the show.

No Guts No Glory is the second release from Arizona thrash stoners Scattered Guts and it improves on every aspect of their first album. Their previous release, Embrace the End, was good but had room to improve (like all early efforts). No Guts No Glory makes it very clear that they have grown as musicians in the interim between releases and have brought their all to the table this time. This is a band that has found it’s footing, has planted a flag and are ready to take on all comers. Their fretwork is without a doubt one of the standout aspects of this new release. If you know me, I’m a sucker for some solid rifferey and this album has it in spades. Case in point: the riffs in “What is Agony” make me want to raise my fists to the blackened sky in the most violent way possible, damn my surroundings. This is a pretty good litmus test for album quality in the DIAG HQ and it passes with flying colors. Another song for submission is “Beer”, an anthem for MY personal favorite libation and a song that could easily act as the opening track to a Drunk in a Graveyard compilation album (now that’s not a bad idea…).

If you like your metal thrashy, mixed with stoney riffs and raw vocals, do yourself a favor and check out No Guts No Glory. The least you can do is throw them a like on the old crackbook. Now I’m just going to sit here and hope they somehow make there way up to the great frozen north of Canada so I can show them some Canadian hospitality (and beer!).

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