Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Myrkur – “Onde Børn”

Greetings friends.  I’ve been away.  At camp.  For real though I was sick as fuck last week with a weird fever type illness that caused me to hallucinate and come to in my beanbag chair having afull conversation with Rigbot asking her to not shave her head..  surprise though, because she was totally not there and my consciousness was just playing tricks on me like an asshole.

Anyways, Scotty Floronic was able to step in last week and save Trash/Thrash Tuesday to Thrash another day with some Child Bite.  This week I have something special for you, an artist that we have been adoring around this camp and one that speaks to me on many levels – Myrkur.  Icelandic for “darkness”, Myrkur is a one woman black metal artist who has been breaking down barriers and stirring up controversy since the debut of her EP in 2014.  Many people might ask – what kind of controversy?  Has she burned down a church after murdering her bandmates?  Killed people in cold blood?  No.  The controversy surrounding Myrkur is based solely on the genitals she has between her legs.


That’s right.  The whole of the metal community has been collectively pissing in its pants because Myrkur is a woman, and not just a woman, a woman who has modelled for Chanel, and one who has played music other than fucking black metal.  Becase of these horrible crimes against black metal humanity, Myrkur has been thrown up on the cross and dealt some pretty shitty hands that she wouldn’t be being dealt if she was not a woman.

Allow me to say right now, if you use the terms “tr00” and “kvlt” in any form of seriousness, you’re a fucktard and need to go deposit yourself into a garbage can because you’re a legacy obsessed elitist and you’re a real crumb bum.  The beauty of black metal is that rage, that anti-human hand shaking anger, that can be beholden inside screeching lo-fi cacophony, but is also present in the effervescent sacred nature of Wardruna doing the Vikings soundtrack, in the beauty of Ulver, or within the Celestite album of Wolves in the Throne Room.  What a lot of black metal elitists refuse to allow for is anything that sounds different from the first Burzum record, or Deathcrush by Mayhem.  Stifling growth when it happens, these same elitists have slammed Wolves in the Throne Room, written hatefilled bigoted rants online and generally ran around making total fart nozzles of themselves while ignoring the fact that Fenriz from Darkthrone works as a postman, Attila Csihar is a professor, and Varg Vikernes is a madman playing army man cops and robbers in the French countryside..  all things which are pretty decidedly not metal.  So, please get over yourselves – black metal is moving on without you, so either sack up or pack up.

Myrkur combines black metal rage filled howling with beautiful otherworldly clean vocals on her debut “M” album.  This week I wanted to feature a THRASH piece of her song “Onde Børn” from the M album which came out August 21, 2015.  First of all, the whole album is wonderful from start to finish, but I particularly connect with this track.  The song creates a bleak atmosphere that is made surreal with the addition of the clean vocal track that sounds like a choir of angels from Hell.

Myrkur’s “M” is easily one of my favourite albums from 2015 and if you haven’t done so already – you need to order it.

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