Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Child Bite – Still Fucked Up After All These Years


How the shit haven’t we talked about Child Bite before now? I mean, I guess I mentioned them in passing in this article but that hardly does them justice. Hailing from Detroit, Child Bite fuse art rock and hardcore in a frighteningly energetic blend that never fails to confuse and impress, usually in equal measure. Dealing with lyrical subjects such as paranoia, our dependence on worldly possessions, mankind’s obsession with familial links to the past and good old-fashioned despair there’s really something here for everyone.


This weeks Trash/Thrash choice, “Still Fucked Up After All These Years”, could easily be easily applied as a tag line to this very site and if we’re being honest, most of the writers. Readers too you sick fucks. Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with their work. I think we’re just hearing the beginning of some very good stuff.

I’m still fucked up after all these years

I don’t know what it is I’m doing here

Give me the shock; give me everything

You’ve got

I’m still learning, just not fast enough


I live in a fantasy with a child-like mentality

Not sure if I’m wasting away or breaking free

I can’t think straight; too clogged with stuff

After all these years, I’m still fucked up

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