Trash/Thrash Tuesday: King Parrot – “Dead End”

Alright, so we all know how we here at the graveyard feel about getting piss drunk, well this past long weekend found us well and piss drunk at Rigby’s cabin, firing off guns into the wilderness, falling into holes, and dropping jazz cigarettes into the lake.  What you all lovely readers should also be succintly aware of is my deep and unending respect and love for the boys in King Parrot.  King Parrot is a break out act that has successfully been destroying pretensions, concert halls and our collective unconscious since we first came upon them prior to last year’s Housecore Horror Festival.

The boys have recently announced that they are setting out on a North American tour with Cattle Decapitation and allow me to say to you right now – if you haven’t seen these cool as Hell dudes, then you best remedy this situation.  Don’t be foolish.


Though this track that I’ve chosen for this week’s THRASH piece is a short one, it packs a punch and it’s got a good message to it, in that you should avoid shitty drugs and shitty people who do drugs.  Matt Youngy from King Parrot isn’t a fan of getting hammered, likely because he’s too busy care taking our favourite old man Slatts.  What I really learned from this track though is that its okay to tell all those fuck ups in your life to piss off and get fucked.  Spending this weekend with my amazing friends, staff and second family allowed me to gain some perspective…  don’t let people live rent free in your head and hold out for those people who make you feel truly whole.

Saying goodbye and fuck you to our former friends who chose cocaine and MDMA over us was an amazing decision.  It allowed us to focus on ourselves and drunk in a graveyard as a site.  We have built something great and found some amazing people along the way – the boys in King Parrot being some of those people.

We look immensely forward to seeing them this time around and we here at the graveyard want you to grab a beer, grab a friend and hold them close.  Love the fuck ups in your life that make life worth living because they are right there with you in all of YOUR fuck ups.  Love those fuck ups who make you whole, and most importantly, love yourself..

Dead end bender
Things are getting better but they’re always getting worse
Two steps forward with a needle in a purse
Suicide a secret she would never deny
If deaths in the way of getting high
You’re loaded to the hilt
Dead end bender no agenda
High heel stilts
Dead end bender no agenda
Fallin’ down the stairs
Dead end bender no agenda
Trippin’ over pills
Dead end bender no agenda

If you always do what you’ve always done
You always get what you always got
If it gets too hard, you just wanna stop
You take too much and you’re starting to drop

Over and over again
The scene’s all fucked with your dead end friends
My head is on the mend
I say goodbye, then I see you again
When will it stop
When will you go
I’m done with the smack and the booze and the blow
Shits hit the fan
I start to see
Your old world don’t involve me

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