You know it hit me this morning. My woman Kim woke me up at 6 am because we thought our cat was gone. He somehow got out the porch window during the night. Yes we found the kitty and all turned out well. Kim went back to bed and i decided off to 7-11 for a coffee. So these are some of the thoughts i had.This dude in 7-11 ( I have mentioned 7-11 twice, start paying fuckers ) was waiting for his lottery tickets when he said to the lady behind the counter  ” take care of this young man first”  I looked at him and said listen man. The older i get the more patience i get. And damn near the whole store turned around and said ” Aint that the truth”  We all had a laugh and i left to walk home.  I got tickets for my step daughter who is 16 to see this shit band Rise Against yesterday.  I thought wow they are playing with an even shittier band Kill Switch Engage. What a shitty night! Wait. I don’t have as much patience as i thought do i?

I have spent years and years and years slagging off bands and band members of all different genres. So i thought why? Well some examples would be this Nu-Metal shit. Wow. I mean I would rather suck my own dick than listen to that.  Wait a minute i take that back. Lets go with goat dick. How about metal in the 90s? I mean shit one of my closest friends ever was that dude in Pantera and i never liked them AT ALL!  Or we could go with my shoegaze complaint of all the My Bloody Valentine clones and nothing much original coming out of that scene.  Even doom and sludge. It all sounds the same. I mean we could go on for hours bitching about this right? The facts are the facts they all suck to my ears.  Years and years ago i got into a fight with somebody over the fact that he said ” Kiss sucks ” they were never good. He kep arguing with me and it got to the point that i nearly knocked his fucking block off. My brother had to tell the kid to leave because he knew i would have done it. No patience!  So when did i get it?


Well its been somewhere between 40 and my current age which is none of your business.  I mean for a lot of things! Even up until last year i had no patience for people at all. I mean lets face it kids the world is not getting any better and even supposed friends will fuck you over more so than ever these days.  People are more in survival mode these days than they were in any decade really. There is just a lot more cushion.  Video games. Cell phones and TVs. Mp3s and the great vinyl come back which i am not complainging about. Not anymore anyway.  The changes in the music business which at one point had me strangled to the point i was ready to go postal. Yeah its changed. Pirating music because dammit ITS EASY! All of it! We are consumed with ME ME ME ME. Fine. I understand that. Because its not going to change and there is not a fucking thing i can do about it. Living out the rest of my years thinking about it is damn sure not going to make my poor ass rich! Really nothing is but that is also OK because i have accepted it.

My thought: As i was walking thinking about my step daughter going to see Rise Against. It hit me. Who the fuck am I to take that happiness away because i think they suck? Or the band members are assholes? We get older and we get cranky. Just like our parents before who could not understand what we listened too! Its NOT different. As the years have gone on musicians have been aloud to say ” Lick My Balls ” in a song and get away with it.  They can dry hump and get away with it. Without the OH MY GOD HE SAID BALLS CALL THE LOCAL NEWS! This is not my time growing up when GG could toss shit at people. If somebody did it now they would make millions. Shit the germans do with their porn!

But who AM I. Nobody. All the bands out there are spending the time making their music doing the same fucking thing i do. Making music they love. And making people happy.  In all genres of music. Whether i like the music or not? It does not matter anymore. It really doesnt.  And the people involved in certain scenes fucking people over and making the same MBV record all over again? Who cares. It does not matter anymore. None of it matters anymore. Because you are making the music YOU love.  And like my step daughter with Rise Against? You make her happy. And that is all that matters to me.  Music makes people happy.

I have reached the next level of patience in my life. Good. Now fuck off to your shit music.

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