Ides of Gemini with Clay Rendering at the Media Club in Vancouver, BC 07/18/2015

Ides of Gemini.  What’s to say about Ides of Gemini?  How can I accurately put into words how this band makes me feel?  Two years ago, I hadn’t the foggiest clue who they were.  When they were billed to open for Ghost, I did my preliminary listening research and was unable to shake that haunting melody, the Marytyrium of the Hippolyt.  When my friends were too busy getting turnt at a local dive bar before the Ghost show to catch the opener, I was there front and center, sweating my dick off in a Satanic nun’s habit.  Ides of Gemini put on a tight, well rehearsed set that night at the Commodore Ballroom, the vast space filling with Sera Timms’s otherworldly presence.  Appropriately witchy without edging too close to the overdone occult nature of Ghost, Ides of Gemini warmed the crowd and the black cockles of my heart.

For as long as I can remember it’s been rare for me to thoroughly enjoy both an opener and a headliner, so this show marked something special for me.  How can I explain to you then, my readers, what putting on Constantinople means to me?  It’s the soundtrack to a lot of my screen printing, my jewelry making, and to my frustration.

Ides of Gemini is a band that I’ve eagerly awaited a second show, eagerly awaited that chance to be taken away somewhere.  When this show was announced and I was able to gain photograph credentials, I was as happy as my blackened little heart allows.  I’ve never shot at the Media Club previously, or attended a show there.  The venue is small, dark and cozy.  The drinks are cheap, and though the front door guys were two of the rudest and most genuinely terrible people I’ve had the displeasure of encountering, the show was one of those experiences that reaffirms why this type of music matters, and why the people who make it are those very rare beings that offer up more than some auditory entertainment for an hour or so.

The three piece band. made of Jason Bennett, music journalist for VICE, Sera Timms, formerly of Black Math Horsemen and also of Black Mare, and Kelly Gibson a jewelry maker/pyrographer, makes music that isn’t easily slotted in to any one genre, and as such the turn out for the show was a mish mash of odd goths, artist types, metalheads, and the prolific hipsters that roam every inch of Vancouver.  Kelly, the drummer was out this tour due to an injury (feel better soon!), and subbing in for her was Scott Batiste.

Traffic issues led both Ides of Gemini and Clay Rendering to show up a little later than likely expected or desired and with that in mind as well, with the added oppressive heat of Vancouver, both bands loaded in with little stress and were genuinely friendly.  Jason from Ides of Gemini made time for an interview with us, so please check back for that.

Now – a good person, a genuine person is not always common these days, not even just amongst musicians, but amongst just people in general.  Jason was friendly, forth coming, and talking to him felt like a conversation with a friend, and those moments always make for the best interviews.

For the Ides of Gemini set, they played eleven songs, a mixture of material from both Constantinople and their latest release Old World New Wave, but focused more so on the new tracks.  Starting off strong with Seer of Circassia, the band held court like the Unseelie and the Media Club filled out.  Smoke machines augmented the powerful voice of Sera who conjured up spells with song.  The band was tight, and with their vaguely occult and doomy psychedelic sound, Sera and Jason, both tall and statuesque figures resembled more a High Priest and Priestess of some kind of obscure tarot deck, than a band.

Rounding out their set with The Adversary, a track off of Old World New Wave, the band put the beast to rest, packed up their gear and greeted fans at their merch table, friendly and genuine.

For those who have the chance, I can’t recommend this enough – SEE THIS BAND, BUY THEIR MUSIC, and always always always STAY SPOOKY.

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