Show Report – Goatwhore/Black Breath/Ringworm/Theories

There’s rowdy metal shows and then there are metal shows that blow up into bar brawls; this was one of the latter. I’m not saying the person who received a few fists to the face didn’t deserve them (he did. Attacking random people including Robin with no provocation in a room of HUGE dudes who give no fucks will have this result) but it’s not something I went into the show expecting. But anyways, onto the show….

Theories opened up and though they played a solid set it’s really hard to gauge how good they actually are due to the poor sound mixing that was going on. I understand that this particular clubs normal musical offerings lean toward bro-centric dubstep, but balancing vocals and bass in the mix should be a fairly universal skill. I used to do it so it can’t be that hard right? Hopefully I get to see them again and as they come from Seattle this seems likely. I look forward to the next tour that brings them through this area so I can see a performance unhindered by poor sound.

Click the thumbnails to see them in all their high resolution glory!

Ringworm, as expected, took the stage and commenced to slaughter the crowd. Whether the crowd were actually ready for the slaughter is another thing however, but by the end of the show you’d be hard pressed to find a person in the bar that wasn’t a fan. I was lucky enough to catch Ringworms set at Housecore last year so I had an inkling of what to expect, but festival shows and bar shows are completely different animals. Unlike festival shows, the energy in a bar has nowhere to escape so it just roils around through the audience and builds up, pouring back onto the stage. Rinse, repeat.

Black Breath. What the fuck can I saw about Black Breath? That was some shit I wasn’t ready for. Taking elements of black metal, thrash, doom and (I assume) lots and lots of weed, Black Breath took all the near boiling point energy from the Ringworm set and tore the roof off the place. And then a fight broke out. Like I said, bar brawls. If you EVER get a chance to see these guys, drop everything and do it. PS they have nicer and more voluminous hair than you can ever hope to have. The volumizing formula works! Be jealous!

Goatwhore are, put simply, a titan of underground metal. Formed in the wake of Acid Bath (maybe you’ve heard of them?), Goatwhore routinely crush all before them with their brand of blackened death metal. But who needs a label like that really? All you need to know is that when Goatwhore come to your town, much like Conan, they will crush the audience and drive all before them into a swirling mass of flying limbs and bodies that doesn’t let up until they walk off stage. Lamentations of your women sold separately. Kelowna was no exception

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