Dear David Fuckknob

Let me just start this with a background story. Last year my step sons friend corrected David Draiman from the band IMA POSER for a typo on his twitter. His grammar. David then proceeds to berate the kids. Complain and then block them.  Hilarious. If you think for a minute i did not use that opportunity to listen to his band IMA POSER youre crazy. Because i did and it lasted NO JOKE about 5 seconds. NU-Metal i am told. Wow. Some of the most horrific shit i have heard in my life.  And i know a lot of you reading this totally agree. You see there is a very small amount of people who never fell for this shit.  And those are the ones who know how things should be. And then we have the masses. Pigs. Goats. I take that back. I like goats. So lets stick with pigs.

Thee PIGS:  You people are the ones who allowed this to happen. All of you. You let NU metal happen. And you let a guy like David blah blah take your money. You all danced around filling your heads with NU drugs. Some of you are dead because of it. The remaining are still falling for it. Nice tribal tattoos you all got. Even my home made Samhain tatto is cooler.  You took what was originally called SLAM dancing and turned into a festival of testosterone and really most of you could not even fight.  Watching all you pigs dance like you did in some of these videos i am seeing, reminded me of a gay orgy in a bath house I might have walked in on once. Might have.  Still. Thee PIGS are to blame for EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS WORLD RIGHT NOW.  But some of you know this already.


This brings me to this morning news. David Draiman quits social media because of trolls. Press release. OK readers lets take a moment here and LAUGH OUR FUCKING ASSES OFF.  Lets take another minute and do it again.  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 10. We all good? This has to be the worst news ever. Now what are people to do? David is upset. But as a close friend said to me this morning. He CHOKED himself. And not in the way many of you would have wanted him to do it. But there is a hitch. Thee PIGS do not care. As the dick himself said his fans just want to see him on stage. Truth.  And i am scared to death over this. IMA POSER has a new album coming out. David said this is not any kind of publicity stunt.  He states that social media is no longer useful to him. He has become a recluse. Look it dude. I am not fooled by this. And i supsect the ones who NEVER fell for your shit feel the same way.  You do not have strong opinions. You are nothing but a douchebag to most of us.  With all your piercings and bondage shit. Dude none of it was serious! You did it for shock, and that was not shock!  I mean what else can we say about you other than you are a complete douchebag.  The band Discharge released a metal album after being some serious punk hardcore pioneers. Even THAT record was better than IMA POSER. But I am not writing this to talk about NU Metal or IMA POSER.


Its about David. It almost scares me you are a father. And even worse it scares me that anybodys children have to be subjected to you for years to come. I won’t take fatherhood from you though dude. Its your blood and i am sure you take good care of the kids. You have to respect that. And I do truly. Remember this though. All of this shit you do and write about will be on the interwebz for years and years. You did this on purpose douchebag. And if you watch closely PEOPLE you can see just how much of a fucking knob end he is. The obvious is the following and then i will try and wrap this up.

David you are completly full of shit. Just like the band you are in. If you TRULY believed what you said about social media you would have just deleted the accounts and left with NO word. You are not a recluse. You just like to use that word because its COOL these days. You are the opposite. OH BOO HOO feel sorry for me. Pay attention to me.  And yes i do believe you did this to help promote the new IMA POSER record. I do. The facts are the facts. And if you have half a fucking brain you should be able to figure this out quickly. We don’t like you David. You may have convictions and strong opinions but you have made it very clear that you are a complete penis while having them.  Contradictions!!! You should have just vanished with no word. Yes the fans will still adore you and buy that shit you call music. That’s OK because i am still going to listen to Discharge and ignore the fact that i ever wrote about you. You all want to know what we should be REALLY discussing today????

In the United states the  Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide. Now i am smiling.

Eatz a pole David.

-Perry can usually be found blasting noise on Thee Garbage Men or being that dude with a bass in Kill It Again

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  1. One of the worst experiences of my life was seeing his awful band live when I was 13. My friend loved them so we went. Not only was the music bad, but a girls breast was rubbing up against me and needless to say, my pecker stood up. However, as good as that would have been any other time, we were down the front row and the movement of the crowd forced it hard into the solid barricade. I lost my virginity to steel at a Disturbed concert and I’ll never get it back. Fuck this guy and his shitty band

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