Vorage – Vorage

Vorage - cover art

Any death metal bands that don’t sound like a swirling vortex from which Osiris, Nergal and a host of Shinigami are  emerging to take mankind to the final resting place can just go home. Seriously, it’s cute but you’re outclassed. Old death is…well, dead. Long live the new flesh and all that.

Vorage, hailing from the UK, epitomize that swirling vortex sound I crave with all of my little black soul. With a strong Portal influence Vorage sound like they have spent many a night in the dankest of crypts, digging up skulls and putrescent cadavers for use in occult incantations to bring about the deserved end of mankind. Coincidentally, their self-titled debut could serve well as background music for your very own eldritch rituals of darkness and madness.

Even though Vorage is only 3 tracks long, that’s more than enough to showcase how serious these 2 (did I mention it’s only 2 people making this much racket? Even more impressive) are when it comes to projecting darkness out into the world. Dirty guitars meet even dirtier vocals in a mix that doesn’t hold your hand and point out every nuance; this is music that requires repeat listens to pull everything out of it. Being of the variety that doesn’t hold you hand this is also metal not meant to be consumed by the many – the sound is off-putting, the vocals indecipherable and production quality low. Some bands suffer under these conditions but not Vorage – these elements are necessary for the madness and death to pour forth from speaker like so much death god ichor.

The songs on display on Vorage promise only more fiendish things to come from the darkness being crafted in the crypts of the UK by these two very obviously deranged individuals. Grab this album from the Hellthrasher Productions Bandcamp page and watch for the spreading darkness. I know i will be.

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