Trash/Thrash Tuesday – King Humungus – Gasoline Funeral


The DIAG HQ is located in a semi-arid region of BC, meaning that come summer time the heat comes in like an assault vehicle loaded for bear, ready to pound you into submission starting in early June and doesn’t let up until late August. I can’t think of a more fitting environment to breed the brand of blackened speed punk the Mad Max-inspired King Humungus make except maybe, well, the Australian outback. Taking inspiration from George Millers classic films (and from the sounds of it plenty of whiskey!), King Humungus don their post-apocalyptic equipment, strapping on weapons both musical and otherwise and blast some of the most rough and tumble punk this wasteland has ever know.

So seeing as the temperature is up and only going to get higher, strap on your bullet belt, down some shots of cheap whiskey and race the desert badlands in your War Rig looking for trouble while this blasts from your truck mounted wall of speakers.


They own the highways with violent aggression

Tortured the innocent with death and deception

This fire will cleanse you…

Don’t beg for forgiveness

Handcuffed and bloody, you’re left defenseless

Spark the fire to your gasoline funeral

Blistered and burnt down to the bone

Your body is black at your gasoline funeral

The smell of flesh brings on the wolves

Women and children are spared from this madness

The worlds armageddon is finally upon us

We chosen few…dressed black and leather

Have chose to revolt

And burn them to ashes

-You can find Scotty attempting to hide from the all encompassing heat on Twitter

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