TWINGIANT – Devil Down

OK so the drummer is a good friend of mine. But i made sure he knew what he was getting into in advance. In a very passive aggressive post on facebook with a 😉 afer it. But i fucking meant it.  This is my first review. I only post reviews on facebook when i am pissed off or angry about a band who in MY opinion fucked up or released complete shit of a record. Meanwhile a majority of CUNTS are into it? Come on sheep. Don’t settle for less anymore!!  People can change the music world if you would STOP fucking settling for mediocre bullshit. Or even worse riding the nostalgia wagon. Stop looking at your phones people. Wake the fuck up and start a fucking revolution. Or don’t and just send me whiskey in the mail and i will fucking do it for you.  For those of you who do not know me. GOOD. You do not need to know and if you are want to know me. GOOGLE ME. Perry Pelonero. OK?

OK Twingiant. They spell it all fucked up. With caps and lower case letters which makes it impossible for me to even figure out at my age. Seriously. Its like reading those fucking thrash or death metal band names on a bill. Who is playing? YourmomEatssass hole

OK. I will be honest. I like these guys. The stoner doom thing is it? Most of those bands sound the same anyway. Its all riff and BS followed by blah blah blah. The recording of this record MOST people would say is NOT up to par. But i like it. It has a DIY feel. Like a serious one.  I used to tell Jeff how much i hated their singers voice. The music was amazing but the growl pissed me off. And really it was not amazing but it was damn good. But guess what? I was wrong. Because on DEVIL DOWN he growls but has soul. Something i did not expect.  Musically speaking this record has the same old riffs. But at the same time it kept me entertained. And really those riffs might be same OL but they are not. They crafted these songs well. Really well. Elements of southern rock ( Which BTW i am a big fan of ) plus elements of shoegaze like guitar? Listen. This release is nothing new but in a way it is. They have obviously spent time making this music THEIR OWN. Hell my band is nothing new either but Twingiant made music that stands OUT for me.  And in their genre that is pretty fucking tough to do.  Support these guys and in the meantime i am sure my next review will be brutal enough to piss the whole world off. Jeff this is my HONEST opinion. And you guys deserve the best.

Go here and buy the record or listen to it.

Listen. Somebody send me something that is complete shit please. Fucking sheep.

-Perry can usually be found blasting noise on Thee Garbage Men or being that dude with a bass in Kill It Again

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