Continual Slaughter: Trading Words With Kill It Again

I recently got the opportunity to harass my buddies in Kill It Again and not being one to miss a chance to bother people and ask them inane questions, I obviously took it. Things start out goofy, get sorta serious and then plow headlong into absurd in the final stretch. This is also known as my favorite kind of interview – irreverent, nonsensical and (hopefully) fun for everyone. By the way, I dare you to tell me that this doesn’t have the best interview cameo ever.



First off, some introductions! Who the fuck are you and what exactly is Kill it Again all about?
Perry: Man i have no idea who we are. Perry, Rocky and Steve. We make music we love.  We take it seriously but we also think its funny. FTW is really what we are about.
rocky: I think that not taking ourselves too seriously is key. We take pride in what we write but in the end, we are a punk band that has gone through a lot of changes in the year we’ve been doing this band and I think now, with our trio, we are going in the direction perry and I initially wanted.

Kill It Again was named by Mike IX (of Eyehategod infamy for you poor saps not in the know) correct? How do you live up to such a weighty moniker? Are you guys able to sleep at night, knowing that failure may mean disappointing (and possibly bringing to tears) Mike?
Perry:  Mike is one of my closest friends ever, i am sure that i dissapoint him weekly anyway. I mean that is what friends do right? He cries all the time !  So really just adding us to the line up of things to be upset about is OK.  I am pretty sure none of us sleep BTW. We are to busy plotting our destruction of the music scene this summer.
rocky: I”m pretty sure that mike figured we’d fail eventually, so I doubt he will mind when it happens.

You recently dropped a member but are still performing live correct? Did this leave a glaring hole in the lineup or has Kill it Again kept up the slaughter without missing a beat?
Perry : We did drop a member. We fired him actually.   As far as the band missing a beat? Man on our second practice we tore my studio up.  All of us could not believe how quickly it came together. It was magic really. We re worked some of the songs we did not like as well. Wrong for instance is a song i have always hated. But its been changed to our liking now.  Its a brother hood. Period

Rocky: there were a few older songs that we couldn’t stand imply because of a few generic, overly “metal” riffs that made things sound cheesy to us, but like perry said, by the second practice, steve had tweaked a few things and now its uglier and crustier how we like it. the band chemistry has changed. we are able to quickly write songs cuz we are all finally on the same page. Steve got hired as a singer, when we lost our old guitarist Ian, Steve stepped up and played rhythm  guitar and vocals. now he is the only guitarist and doing vocals and has adjusted pretty damn well. very solid musician.

Have you thought about replacing your old member with an animal of sorts, like the Cat Nap episode of Portlandia? I feel this would be a good idea personally.
Perry: Man fuck that show. I cannot even get into it.  Sloth maybe?

rocky: I like that show. and we do all like cats. but I would probably prefer a duck. ive been bitten by two of them on two separate occasions cuz I wanted to pet them. I don’t lke most birds but I like those. they are also delicious.
You guys have some pretty deadly looking festival appearances lined up – Full Terror Assault and Housecore if I’m not mistaken. How did those come about and am I missing any festivals or shows our stateside readers should be watching out for?

Perry: We have not confirmed anything at the moment but FTA. Its not to say we are not working on things like Housecore Horror fest and other things. We are!  And let me tell you the guy doing FTA fest is a killer dude. Not only for having us on but he is really taking chances doing this. TO have that many cool bands? I mean man. People need to support this fest. Seriously come out and support!  We have just now confirmed a wicked cool fest in Detroit called Postalfest. The nice guys in Busby Death Chair hooked that one up.


The Dead Cats EP was solid, but nowhere near long enough. When can we expect to hear a full length?
Perry: Well yeah. I mean this whole thing is kinda fucked up. Against our better judgement our old guitar player set up this fund raiser shit. We went and recorded and realized the music was just not up to par. Although we were happy with two of the songs the others just sounded like shit. Bad song writing honestly. So now what?  We want to record somewhat of a full length and we are currently working on that. Its also a matter of fixing the ones already released. So much to do so little time.  The honest truth is we bit off more than we can chew and now our goal is to fix it and really make sure all our fans get a TON of free shit when done. Simple as that.   We will be doing some vinyl for Boxing Clever records out of ST LOUIS. Which is a label that also released me and Kim Welsh’s band A*Star.
rocky: and by Ton of free shit, he means a sticker or a button. we are poor.

Now, the all important lightning round:
Donuts or Muffins? Perry: Muff-Ins
Addams Family or Munsters? Perry: Munters for life!
Mad Max or The Road Warrior? Perry: Road warrior dude!
Reload or St Anger? Perry : Fuck Metallica period.

Seeing as we love horror movies here, (not to mention that we met at Housecore Horror!) I feel it’s my duty to ask you for some movies that make you pee-pee in your panties in terror. So, what movies have made you tremble in fear lately?
Perry: Rocky can answer this one. I prefer the classics. Boris Karloff and such. But Rocky watches all the new shit. I pee-pee in my pants all the time anyway. Old age and such.
Rocky: I’ve been a horror fan my entirely life its hard to get scared  when you are that desensitized by the imagery. however, the German film “funny games” (original, not the remake) though I wouldn’t totally call it horror, was one of the most uncomfortable and terrifying films I had seen.

I’ve got your new EP ready to go, volume clearly at 11. What would be the most fitting drink to imbibe while destroying my living room and irritating my neighbors?
Perry: Whiskey man! Always whiskey with us!!!  But don’t destroy the cool shit in your living room! And if you are going to dance around the living room do it naked. Swinging junk is hilarious.
Rocky: wouldn’t hurt to throw a little green into the equation.


I’ve heard you know this guy? Goes by the name of Phil Anselmo? Sings in some pretty big bands too I think. I wonder what his thoughts are on Kill It Again’s scuzzy bass player and his attempts to take up residence at the Anselmo homestead are? I bet he’s got some good stories he’d be willing to share. I bet at least one of them involves bedroom antics with barn yard animals. Anyone care to comment?
Perry: I will let him answer this one if he wants. Never any animals but we have held hands.

ANSWER- Philip H. Anselmo
1. “I am Perry, and Perry is me.  We are one guy all rolled up in a carpet, like corpses.”

2.  “THE CRAZIEST thing I’ve done in the bedroom, is watch the ID Channel for hours and hours, till my Direct TV receiver actually wanted to shut down!  Unreal, huh?  I had to press the “Exit” button like 4-times!  I think it’s a conspiracy.”

3.  “The only barnyard animal I have is Mike “9” Williams.  I’d include his wife, but it’s not nice to call a woman a barn.”

Perry: Truth.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to some greasy Canadians. Any parting words of wisdom for our undoubtedly equally-as-greasy readers?
Rocky: perry and I are both 100 percent Italian, so grease is a part of our lives. but more in olive oil form.

Perry: FTW you greasy Canadians. We love you though.  A huge shout out and mucho love to our friends and fam at Housecore Records. SuperJoint, Eyehategod, King Parrot, Child Bite. BOXING CLEVER RECORDS and others. Thank you all for the support.

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