Show Report: Korpiklaani, TrollFest, Ensiferum

On May 10th 2015, Drunk in a Graveyard was granted the direct privilege to photography Korpiklaani, Ensiferum and Trollfest.  For those not in the know, Korpiklaani is an amazing band that has amazing rowdy drunking tunes like “Vodka”, “Beer Beer” and “Tequila” and if you haven’t drank from a tankard to their music, you are severely missing out.

This show was special not only for the oppurtunity to photograph bands that have had such an impact on the staff, but also because our staff writer rigbot got to bust open her heavy metal show cherry.  That’s right boys, our dear innocent Rigby had never been to a metal show and similar to taking an old person with Alzheimers out on a vacation, this was quite the adventure.  However, once Trollfest played a metal cover of Toxic by Britney Spears, I knew the night was going to be A-Okay.  Rigby learned and saw much, including an emo couple break up.  She learned that metal dudes smell, and that the mosh pit is for slamming around..  She also renamed the mosh pit as the “designated pushing area”, so keep that in mind next time you jump in..  just picture Rigby wagging a finger at you.

As for the show..  Trollfest opened and came out with quite literally a cloud of the best kind of insanity possible:

trollfest7 trollfest6 trollfest5 trollfest4 trollfest1

If you have eyes, you can plainly see that yes, they did in fact come out wearing lab coats and goggles and did indeed pkay the goddamn Triangle.  This band was a real shit show from start to finish, but entertaining and actually fairly tight musically.  I love watching bands that are having fun on stage, it beats dudes too br00tal to actually crack a joke.

Korpiklaani was the second band on the bill, and I have seen them now a total of 7 or 8 times and each time, they bring it.  These guys are rowdy and the energy contained within Jonne Jarvela is nothing short of fucking kinetic.  The man doesn’t ever stop moving or stomping or dancing around.  He wheels around like a man possessed, and it became so much more meaningful to be able to show you readers what I see with my camera.

korp8 korp7 korp6 korp5 korp2  korp1 korp10 korp9

Ensiferum isn’t a band I typically jam out to, not that they aren’t good, but I never really got into them.  They play well together on stage and had good energy with lots of fans slobbering and generally going nuts over them.

I was able to capture some amazing photos of them and of that I’m really proud.

ens7 ens6 ens5 ens4 ens3 ens2 ens1

Lots of fun expressions, and their total babe of an accordion player.

Again – Drunk in a Graveyard wants to thank these amazing bands for granting us the oppurunity to photograph them in their natural habitats.

Amazing show.

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