Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Serpentrance – Among the Timeless Tombs



I’m a disgustingly huge fan of the far, strange outreaches of metal – the shit that separates the men from…uhhh, other men who prefer slightly less obtuse music? All right, not a great example. Regardless, if it has a odd time signature, near indecipherable vocals or instrumentation, sounds like it was recorded in the McDicks bathroom with a tape recorder or is just prone to making the listener feel uncomfortable I’m usually in.

That’s where this weeks Trash/Thrash choice comes in – “Among the Timeless Tombs” from Serpentrance. Sounding something like Portal mixed with a little bit of caffeine to clear their heads (and distortion levels), “Among The Timeless Tombs” is indecipherable black death in it’s most undiluted form,. Vocals that sound like someone alternating between suffocation with a plastic bag and demonic possession charge out above blackened death riffs to grab the listener and drag them down to whatever black corner of hell Sepentrance resides.

Check it out if you like your metal obtuse, your lyrics unknown, and your music as dark as death cold embrace (or something equally spooky…that was spooky right?). All jokes aside, these guys don’t hold your hand or dumb it down for beginners;only the strongest willed need apply. You won’t regret picking up this one off their bandcamp.


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