It’s Midnight…The Witching Hour – The Hookers


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” the old adage goes (or so my grandpappy told me). Pretty good words to live by, and though I tend towards projects that take this colloquialism and drag it through the mud kicking and screaming, I’ll make an exception for the newest album from The Hookers. Or any album from them really, but today we’re going to talk about their newest slab of Satan worshipping punk – It’s Midnight…The Witching Hour.

Keeping things classy with song titles like “Rape Your Fucking Corpse” (guess what that one’s about?), “The Devil Rides Tonight” and “Blood on Satan’s Blade” the boys wear their intentions on their sleeves unapologetically. The songs here are simple, to the point and catchy-as-fuck with sing-along lyrics galore, hitting an almost perfect balance between absurd subject matter and no-nonsense punk rock. Satan is really a subject that doesn’t get enough coverage in the punk rock scene. I mean, I understand that metalheads will pretty much (rightfully)  forever and always hold the king of the hill position when it comes to worship of the Dark Lord, but that doesn’t mean punks can’t infuse a little fun into it. I mean, doing what makes you feel good is one of the core ideas behind Layveyan Satanism isn’t it? And what’s more feel good than songs that make you want to drink beers and shout along to lyrics about necrophila? Nothing, that’s what. Case closed.

As I said in my first few words, this album doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel or the simplicity of a good punk song. Some listeners might find the lack of musical evolution off-putting which is fair, but the novelty of yelling about Satan more than makes up for any lack of musical experimentation. At least it does for me. But I’m just a whore for Satan so what do I know?

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