Kill It Again – Dead Cats EP

Back in the historical days of October 2014 (really firing up the ol’ Wayback Machine right?), when the Graveyard crew traversed the then-potentially-Ebola-ridden skies of Texas to Housecore, a lot of things were expected. Hangovers, tinnitus, copious amounts of herb consumption – these are just things that come with the territory. One unexpected…i won’t say benefit ’cause I might pump up egos and I wouldn’t want to do that…incident was meeting Perry, bassist for Kill It Again and DJ/angry-voice-behind-a-microphone/pretty cool dude for radio show Thee Garbagemen.

Fast-forward a few months and I have sitting in my hands, thanks to Mr Pelonero, (OK, it’s on my hard drive but that cuts out all the romanticism and once that’s gone what do we have left?) Kill It Again’s “Dead Cats” EP. Yeah, I named it that myself ’cause someone else didn’t name it, leaving it open to whatever my interpretation may be! Deal with that motherfuckers.

Anyways, “Dead Cats” is 3 songs, mixing hardcore, crust and sludge into a grimy solution for us all to pour in our ear holes. The songs are solid hunks of rough metal from start to finish, wasting no time with introductions or niceties- just a punch to the side of the head, a kick to the ribs and then gone again into the night. Plus, they have a song called “Taint Burner” which is by far the best song name I’ve heard this year. Listen below and watch out for these really, they might beat you and take your shit.


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