Trash/Thrash Tuesday – Gost – Night Crawler


Hey kids, it’s me again and boy do I have a song for you! No, not another ode to necrophila (sorry for you perverts in the audience) but definitely something off the beaten path – at least for us. Sounding like the score to a dozen genre b-movies that never saw the light of day, Gost‘s newest album Behemoth might not be filled with tortured vocals or frosted desolate guitar riffs, but it’s no less dark and imposing.

“Night Crawler” is probably my current favorite track off the album (it’s really hard to choose when they are all so good), conjuring up images of cyborg commandos patrolling neon lit streets in some dystopian cyberpunk future circa 1989 where it’s always raining . This track wouldn’t feel out-of-place in one of the early Terminator (read: the only 2 that matter) scores or providing an aural soundscape to Snake Pliskin going to town on some poor SOBs.

If you like what you hear (and if you are a holdover from the direct-to-video VHS era like we are here in the Graveyard I know you do) then hit up the bandcamp page and grab this album. Unfortunately for vinyl freaks, the limited physical release sold out in a stunning 15 MINUTES but we live in the crazy world of the future where music is available at the touch of a button!  Do your future dweller duty; grab it and groove out to some gloriously retro-electro to the tune of the best b-movies!

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