Trash/Thrash Tuesday: MERV – Demo #2


Hey you fucks.

I’ve been away..  away at camp.  I hope you checked out last week’s installment of Trash/Thrash Tuesday where Scotty stepped his hooves into my shoes and tried on crazy to see how it fits..  I heard tell on the mountain that he covered some Fistula for you..  isn’t that nice?  Nothing quite like songs about necrophilia on a Tuesday to really get things going for a work week.. Okay also, let’s be real here – the dude from Fistula, Dan Harrington..  he’s hot right?  Are we all in agreement?  It’s okay..  you can tell oldblackgoat all your secrets.  I won’t tell anyone.  I SWEAR.

This week I decided to pull something a little closer to home.  Not enough coverage is given to local shit in just about any medium possible and this rings true in our town where even our local film festival is too busy screening films for octogenarians and wondering why the turn out for the 9pm shows isn’t so great (anything after 8pm and grandma’s sleeping pills kick in, if you know what I mean).  This town is a weird little town, full of equally weird things, and though we have a lot of real raw talent, a lot of this gets white washed over by honky ass redneck shit

I have the distinct privilege of hearing these particular fucks in MERV practicing/recording/etc next door to my home.  So I thought i’d do the neighborly thing and tell you all about how legit these bastards are.  MERV.  Sounds like the name of an old drunken mess that you might find down at the Legion, drowning his sorrows while wearing flood pants, but unlike that particular old man with no fucks to give, MERV is an intense punch in the stomach and a welcome accompaniment to any party.  Old man Merv, well no one wants him around.  As for the cats in band MERV, they’re pretty great folks.  Jess is a small little lady but she has one heck of a voice.  I get a bit sick of hearing about some lame band with a chick in it and she gets pandered to simply for having female anatomy, the gold standard of the A for effort mentality seems to go to a lot of women in heavy music, simply for showing up.  That standard doesn’t really apply here.  Jess brings it, and no one has to get up on a pedestal and announce the arrival.  Quite refreshing, in my opinion.  When Jess isn’t serving up brutal vocals like the ones found on this demo, you can find her serving up delicious gluten free and vegan treats at the art we are in , so if you’re ever around this end of town, make sure to go grab something delicious and on that note, make sure to check out MERV on bandcamp and spend the $3 and pick up their new demo.  $3 is fucking chump change, so tell the bus driver to bite it and put some MERV in your ears and support some local flavor.

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