Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Chelsea Wolfe – “Sick Girl”

I frigged up.  I’m sorry bae.  For real though, I was sick as fuck last week and missed my Trash/Thrash Tuesday because of being sick.  It sucks donkey balls because last week was my birthday and I totally had to cancel my annual getting drunk on the day of my vaginal entry into the world..  which is stupid.  Anywho, I’ve been feeling a lot more hostile towards just about everyone lately, and have been enjoying some much spoopy music.  Chelsea Wolfe is one of those artists that inspires a lot of love in her fans – she creates this really interesting multilayered music that can alternate between being oddly sweet and downright fear inspiring. In the best way possible, she reminds me a lot of Bjork except way more intensely dark.  She has such a varied voice and for being such a slim waify little thing, she can really grab ahold of her audience with her stage prescence.  It’s been really grey around here lately and walking around listening to Chelsea Wolfe really helps me calm down and just be.


In honor of my being sick as fuck, I offer up to you, “Sick”, by Chelsea Wolfe.

this suffering brings me closer to you
and time is broken and moves slow
your pure heart, your white light
i should be put to death for ever being cruel to you
you washed me clean like no one ever could
come closer now and step right into
the wide mouth, the sharp teeth of the one you love
i’m not the kind of sick that you can fix
don’t you worry about me baby
i’ve got no enemies and i’ve got no time
the song, we carry on
even though you pushed us down
we carry on
when you try to blind my eyes i can see tenfold
it’s nothing that my heart can’t take, ’cause your hate has made me strong
and stronger men than you have tried to break me
stronger men than you have tried to break me
leaning toward the golden days
forget about the older days
and everything we left behind
to stand here in another life
we carry on, even though you held us down
we carry on, with the song
we carry on, even though you pushed us down
we carry on

Well that was sure a cheery one wasn’t it? Don’t you worry, your fairy gothmother has got you. And on that note.. see ya next week ya weird bastards.

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