Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Mayhem – “Freezing Moon”


Hi there friends.  How are we doing this week?  If you’re anything like me, you may be approaching this week nearing complete psychotic collapse..  if so, know that your old pal Robin has your back and totally understands.  I often consider killing pretty much everyone that happens to come across me, if only so I could have some peace and quiet.  Canada is a funny place in the winter, if you aren’t rocking out and getting high and snowboarding, it’s downright dreary and shitty and bitter cold.  I feel that often times this is the perfect setting for some really brutal black metal, so I always like to listen to Deathcrush when I’m waiting for the bus, because you can’t fuck with Mayhem.

This week’s Thrash Thrash piece is a mouldy oldie, but still should be well into the annals of everyone’s music collection.  Mayhem are the band that was brutal before being brutal was even thing, though often times that brutality was in truth barely disguised mental illness.

Freezing Moon is one of those tracks that is recognizable almost immediately, a chilling, jittery track, that is sparse but powerful, and really helps stave off my desire to do harm to others.

It’s also important to note for this site, that in less than a week we will be seeing Mayhem and Watain, so it seems fitting to not only be seeing Mayhem in bitter Canadian January, but to feature this track.

Also, if you’re looking for a really weird watch, Pure Fucking Mayhem is a very good documentary that highlights a lot of things I wasn’t super aware of about the band, and has some good interviews with Necrobutcher and Attila (who I am convinced is actually a Dracula).  Also, Attila Csihar is totally a babe right?  I mean, that dude is not only metal as fuck but he’s also a chemistry professor or some such..  Could you imagine being in lecture and he comes in late smeared in corpse paint and cow’s blood carrying an all black travel mug muttering about Satan and baphomet..  I think I would learn chemistry so much more willingly.

So, if you’re like me and you take your coffee black, just like your metal, plug this one in next time you’re out for a walk, and embrace the brutality.

Mayhem – Freezing Moon

Everything Here Is So Cold
Everything Here Is So Dark
I Remember It As From A Dream
In The Corner Of This Time
Diabolic Shapes Float By
Out From The Dark
I Remember It Was Here I Died
By Following The Freezing Moon
It’s Night Again, Night You Beautiful
I Please My Hunger, On Living Humans
Night Of Hunger Follow It’s Call
Follow The Freezing Moon
Darkness Is Growing, Eternity Opens
The Cememtary Lights Up Again
As In Ancient Times
Fallen Souls Die Behind My Steps
By Following The Freezing Moon

Until next time you fuck rags, stay metal, stay spooky.

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