Headless Eyes – Bloodfarmers


Step 1 – Acquire Headless Eyes

Step 2 – Smoooooke

Step 3 – Profit!


I’m really tempted to just leave that as my whole album review as it fairly accurately sums up my feelings towards this album, but I guess I should actually use those things called words to inform you WHY I feel this way. It’s the right thing to do.

Blood Farmers, who started life as a Black Sabbath cover band way back in 1989 for all you trivia nerds out there, can best be described by this writer as such: a lung-crushing bong hit of pure Sabbath-worshipping doom garbed in the decayed robes of old-school horror. From the THC-laced guitar lines to the ‘70s grindhouse audio samples there’s nothing on display here that doesn’t please. Unless you don’t dig on 10 minutes songs but what are you doing listening to doom then?

Packing smoky riffs, horror movie audio clips and a generally spooky atmosphere into its 5 minutes running time, Gut Shot acts both as an album opener and a remedial course for those who don’t know what they’re in for. The Creeper is a nice psych-doom  instrumental break in the middle of the album, acting as a bit of a smoke break if you will and once it’s done we’re right back into the clouds. Jumping ahead to the end of our sonic journey (but no less important), Night of the Sorcerers starts off with an almost mystical guitar line that’s reminiscent (at least to myself) of the best giallo soundtracks of yesteryear before dropping off into the doom that the Blood Farmers do so well.

Headless Eyes is drenched in so much Sabbath worship that it makes you wonder if somewhere out there doesn’t exist an underground lab where they grow clones of Iommi and co. to unleash upon the world under new names. (note: If this does exist, can I please get a job there?). Overall, Headless Eyes is a solid-as-fuck album and one that fans of doom would be happy to have in their collection.

Favorite Track: Night of the Sorcerers

If you had one song with which to showcase the Blood Farmers with, this is the track. It covers all the bases so well and demands repeat listens to decipher it’s layers upon layers of heavy doom. I suggest finding yourself some of that sweet leaf and sitting down to enjoy this track as soon as you can.

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